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New spot of MTS, the Russian telephone company partner of Vodafone, in which will also appear the famous actor Jean Claude Van Damme and a well-known Russian singer. _____ Official Website :

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mony Ncbsa
bobo dodoo
not singer, This is Dmitriy Nagiev -popular Russian actor
Vanechka Park
Вам дам!
Аскер Паранук
The red shirt say in the end - "Вам дам"(Vam dam) - "I give it to you". In russian
I got so mad when you were replaced by Sasha Mitchell.
Who idea was it to take you out of your signature movie?
Kurt gets shot?! That sucks!
Angel Deivy De Leon Mendez
Muy buen actor uno de los mejores 100 por siento por siento
That's his boyfriend.
Что значить забугорище?
Omagor Claudie
is my best film actor ,he has really techniques .
Alessandro Q.T
Quero ver porrada 👊
محمد ديوان
Naic 💓
R. S. D. J. 44
Graça e paz amado Deus abençoe boa tarde.
Bajitas yTuning puntocom
Muy bueno 💪👍👏👏
Alin Cochinescu
Van Damme❤
JCVD for life ! we miss the PPPAAArrraaaaaaaaaaRRaaaaa !!!! say it sayyyyyy it .........Maaaatteeeeee

Forever in my Brain ! OK USA ! LOL
Leandro Teixeira
Julituke Baubaite
I love you Jean Claude van dame
Vlad U
Selua Issa Abraham
amazing Jean I l💓ve youuuuu😍😍😘😘
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Bolo Yeung & Jean Claude VAN DAMME - Russian telephone company 2 days ago   04:41

In Los Angeles, Jean Claude's son Kris has arranged a family meal at a restaurant and has secretly invited a legendary martial arts star-Bolo Yeung to surprise his father.