I'm Addicted to Crying- My Strange Addiction My Girlfriend Lives As A Toddler | EXTREME 10 months ago   05:31

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This episode never aired because it was too sad. Please enjoy before it gets taken down.

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Jessica Owen
Hello my names Jessica and I’m addicted to sleeping I do it every night and it started at a very young age 🤭😪
Aysiah Thorn
My name is Aysiah
I have a strange addiction.
I'm addicted to sleeping.
It all started the day I was born.
I couldn't contain myself.
I kind of feel bad about it now because I do it one to two times a day.
Can anyone relate?
My name is Monica
I am addicted to drinking water
This first started when I was 6 months😒
Dunsin ann
Why did I think this was real
U shouldn't do th i because this could real
I thought this shit was legitimate😂
Hattie Brechwald
“I cry every day, and every night”

“No Rebecca, it can’t be!!”

Love the acting😂👌
Sophie Rodda
I thought at the start she said ‘veruca salt’ and I thought oh sh*t
Rotem Dvir
Me before my PERIOD:
Mochi kitty gamer
Hi I'm addicted to breathing
100k subscribers without any videos
My name is Rebecca too
Elisabeth Avey
They are bad actors 😂
Lily X
Your body is half water-so u basically have infinite tears
Kitty Rainbow
My Name is Luna
And Im addicted
ive been doing it my whole life
i was never able to stop....
Gatcha_ Slimez
I just noticed it is a spoof lol
Gatcha_ Slimez
Her face when she cries lmaooo
She is crazy
keisha foxlol
2:13 when u dont have enough money to buy a i dont know a tear machine u just use ur pads and tampons
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My Girlfriend Lives As A Toddler | EXTREME I'm Addicted to Crying- My Strange Addiction 10 months ago   07:43

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