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Gcp For Apache Kafka Users: Stream | Meet The Authors – Go Language - At Up-Tube.com

GCP for Apache Kafka Users: Stream Meet the Authors – Go Language 1 day ago   49:32

G Suite
In private and public clouds, stream analytics commonly means stateless processing systems organized around Apache Kafka or a similar distributed log service. GCP took a somewhat different tack, with Cloud Pub/Sub, Dataflow, and BigQuery, distributing the responsibility for processing among ingestion, processing and database technologies.
We compare the two approaches to data integration and show how Dataflow allows you to join and transform and deliver data streams among on-prem and cloud Kafka clusters, Cloud Pub/Sub topics and a variety of databases. The session will have a mix of architectural discussions and practical code reviews of Dataflow-based pipelines.

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Speaker(s): Ricardo Ferreira, Karthi Thyagarajan

Session ID: DA305
product:BigQuery; fullname:David Pessis;

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Thiago Moreira
Great presentation! Congratulations!
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Meet the Authors – Go Language GCP for Apache Kafka Users: Stream 1 day ago   35:31

Go is an open source language that enables the production of simple, efficient, and reliable software at scale. Designed by Google for cloud workloads, Docker, Kubernetes, Istio, and gVisor are all implemented in Go. With great built-in concurrency (ideal for cloud services), a best-in-class networking stack, and excellent tools for developers & operators it’s become one of the fastest growing & most loved languages. Meet the minds behind the Go language and participate in our interactive panel.

Go Language → http://bit.ly/2Xd7Gkp

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Speaker(s): Brad Fitzpatrick, Ian Lance Taylor, Robert Griesemer, Tyler Bui-Palsulich, Robert Van Gent
Moderator: Megan Byrd-Sanicki

Session ID: DZ208
fullname:Brad Fitzpatrick,Ian Lance Taylor,Robert Van Gent,Van Riper,Robert Griesemer,Megan Byrd-Sanicki,Cassandra Salisbury,Tyler Bui-Palsulich;