Moving in w/ My Korean Boyfriend *DISASTER How Controlling Are You In A Relationship? | Koreans Ask Me Anything 2 days ago   16:44

rachel rose diary
What a memorable first night in our new Seoul apartment!!!!
Andy and I have officially moved into our new apartment together, and we are so happy and so comfortable and we have already cooked so many meals and made so many home plans and we are nesting so super well 💕

My "maybe fractured" pinky finger is much better now, and I use it freely but cautiously at home. I still wear the cast in public, as I have zero spatial awareness and just today accidentally slammed my hand into a chair, so to prevent further damage or even re-damaging something, public cast wearing is still appropriate 😅

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nest safely tonight 🌙
- Rachel

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rachel rose diary
This video is a time-capsule for a happy life milestone of ours, and we will no longer be allowing negative comments revolving around Andy being Korean and it being in the title. Hate has no room at our new table. Simple as that 😊 - Rachel + Andy (because yes, he too reads these comments and wishes people would chill)
love yourself
K-dramas is different from reality its just fantasy...
love yourself
Lol,why need put "my korean blabla Hahaha because of kpop many woman fantasizing koreans.
Mixed Xxi
This is how many times she said “Yay”

since when is 'korean' a forbidden word, seriously i mean it, have i been missing out on something or..?
SiYao Huang
Leave your family or your old home,move in together with and for your boyfriend/girlfriend became spouses/coupledom and common law marriage,added your husband/wife,live-in spouse/domestic partner or fiancé/fiancée’s whatever spouse’s surname behind your parents’ surnames,or replace your parents’ surnames by your spouse’s surname,then ......where is yourselves,your own,and your own lives
fatima bransi
Guys you met on my birthday♡♡
How old are you?
zainab helmizadeh
My pinky finger is fractured tooooo😖
ɪᴍ ɪɴ ᴍʏ ᴍᴏᴍꜱ ᴄᴀʀ ʙʀᴏᴏᴍ ʙʀᴏᴏᴍ
Lol! There is literally nothing wrong with putting "korean" in your title. I guess people are just jelous these days 😂 Like if you have a problem then stop watching and leave, Instead of being rude in the comments! Ty
Park Jimin
Soooo before this video came on there was an ad am I the only one that got an ad with bts and how the have there own men Cologne coming out and not to mention how hot they looked......idc idc I might be a girl but I’m getting that cologne and the name of it is sooo different and unique ok let me stop being so obsessed and being the basic army that I am ok ....goodbye😂😂☠️❤️💕🤪😂😰😍😳
Martha Kamara
This video is so cute👏❤.
Pinay in Sk Lee
Whats wrongs with “Korean”. / Korea Words , I have South Korean Husband,,, were happily married !! Looking forward for you to get married soon
Twxtstorys BTS
Grace Ye
Very cute video! You give me hope and little moments to look forward to when my boyfriend and I get to close the distance. I hope your hand feels better soon!
Simply Simmer Niyra
You guys are too cute!! After I watched this video I subscribe to you.
Jerrielyn King
there are people in this world who are curious about korean guys being in a relationship especially with the other nationality stop being so problematic with the title people.
I love you Rachel. There's nothing wrong with your relationship. Don't listen to people
나는 다른 사람들의 국적에 너무 민감하지 않은 사람들이 싫다. 너무 무례하다. 사람들이 무엇인가 잘못되었습니다.
This is too cute~~~ ❤️😊😊😊
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How Controlling Are You In A Relationship? | Koreans Ask Me Anything Moving in w/ My Korean Boyfriend *DISASTER 2 days ago   06:52

How jealous do you get?

What if the person you're dating hugged another person? Drank with them? Went clubbing?


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