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What Goes Down In The Little | "harry Styles Slid Into - At Up-Tube.com

What goes down in the Little "Harry Styles Slid into 1 day ago   07:07

Let's throw it back to when Little Mix dropped in to chat to Jamie & Amanda about all things Bounce Back, Jesy's birthday, their WhatsApp group chat, and more! 🎶

Turn up the feel good with Heart!

#LittleMix #LM5 #BounceBack

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Comments 270 Comments

Who NEEDS to be in their group chat?! 😂😂
Jenner McMorris
Who else was holding their breath when he mentioned fathers day, hoping he wouldn't ask Jesy😭😵
Christine Mary
What a very bad role model to the young shameful
YvngBoy Snaggy
4:45 anyone else get all hyped n started singing ? 😂😂🔥🔥
evance petyrs
-cant wait to see this group judge THE VOICE..
Lacey mackin
Millie Prunea
He's talking to Perrie like she's the leader
I didn't like when the radio host brought up the dad stuff.
I felt bad for jesy :(
Who else was shook when they saw amanda holden
CA_imrandom 2009
Can u tell jest I luv her
Derry Life
omg jesy happy bday my Favorite Singer i like to try your voice well i cant do it
Demmy Temmy
is it me or did I just see amanda holden
Demmy Temmy
happy bday jesy
kavarondie smith
Their song are so great
The reason why LM won brits is 1D takin a break
Despoina Gamer
Wtf 7 years and they only sold 45M? That's so small wth.
Mollyjo Colrein
Jesy’s face when they said “fathers day” bless her 😭♥️♥️
Angela Nguyen
awwww mixer mum is so cute
Shopnille Mohammed
How much have they done in 1 day, i’ve seen them wearing the same clothes in every single video

They work so hard, bless them, they severse everything ❤️❤️
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"Harry Styles Slid into What goes down in the Little 1 day ago   10:05

Little Mix tell two lies and one truth, KISS Breakfast's Tom and Daisy have to guess which one's which in a game of Liar Liar.

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