John Wayne Wins Best Jack Nicholson winning an Oscar® 2 weeks ago   02:44

John Wayne winning the Best Actor Oscar® for his performance in "True Grit" - 42nd Annual Academy Awards® in 1970. Presented by Barbra Streisand.

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Kim Darby deserved to win too She was *BRILLIANT* in that film.
Diego Pisfil
Dustin Hoffman was robbed
Francesco Brosolo
The greatest american that ever lived! A true man!
Stormy Davis
Sad that such a great American had to be presented with the award by such a horrid anti-American.
Greg Greg
John Wayne has earned an Oscar years before this. If for nothing else than the Searchers. The greatest western in history.
Mark Maggott
Westerns were a big part of my growing up, my Morales were so founded on these characters and their righteous behaviour. Unfortunately righteous behaviour has no value in modern society.
Jerry Brownell
For nearly 40 years John Wayne held the record for starring in the most motion pictures. Samuel L. Jackson now has that distinction.
SingLover 15
Best actor who ever lived, John Wayne aka The Duke.
Richard Lister
why on earth would anybody give a thumb down to this ? That was class personified ✌️🇬🇧👍...
Kevin Traore
49 years ??
johny odisho
Real legend
The Spiv
Never liked her...ever....RIP Duke!
Nadeem Mohammed
Duke was an is an still is the best actor western films never miss his films when on tv
Joe Mauro
Wayne said he would only accept the award from a white person. That's America's great hero.
MR John
Hi fom Sweden 👉
Master Sergeant
He reminds me of my dad.
Cygnus X1
Well deserved.
Mordecai Esther
Poor Richard Burton.. one of the greatest. He should’ve won. Instead John Wayne wins playing his usual self. He should of won for Sands of Iwa Jima
O Kelmendi
Hollywood Legende
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Jack Nicholson winning an Oscar® John Wayne Wins Best 2 weeks ago   03:41

Frances McDormand presenting Jack Nicholson the Oscar® for Best Actor for his performance in "As Good as it Gets" at the 70th Academy Awards® in 1998.