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John Wayne winning the Best Actor Oscar® for his performance in "True Grit" - 42nd Annual Academy Awards® in 1970. Presented by Barbra Streisand.

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Jim Fox
One of the all time best if not THE BEST!!!!
poor actor, very bad acting. He was a walking cliche
Taranis Esus Toutatis
The Oscars Were At Those Golden Times , WHE You Watch These proceedings With Great Haste , Now Today It's Political Grand Standing And Class Is A Very Rare Commodity To Come By And The Way The Country Avoided Socialism progressivisms Like The Plague Because That Has Its Place In House Of Representatives And Congress And They Didn't Express Opinions Of Your Dislike Or Like For Whoever Was The Potus's 🇺🇸And Now Saying Flag Of The USA's Is A Swear Word And The Flag 🇺🇸 And Political Affiliations Could Get You Killed or Very Near To It , Some Smartass Has Turned The World Upside Down ,Just Too The Indulgence Of Powers That Way Beyond Our Control Just Too See The Results Of There Methods Of The Madness Has Had The Desired Effect But Will It Ever Change Nationalism Is Poison And Too The Contrary Is Not PCorrectness And The Mine Field It Has Created......Stop This Is My Stop...Give Me The Good Times And Roll On.
barbra streisand stole her hat from jackie kennedy
I think this was the Duke's 117th or 118th movie role.
Was taken too young
Don Cummings
I am a Canadian, and idolized John Wayne my entire life...I thought he was the most humble famous person I had ever witnessed in the my sixty years I often thought of the kind of man I wish I had turned out a little more like, it was Mr. John Wayne...I think he stood for everything that was good about America, Patriotism, Honor, duty to God, Country, and Family...a beautiful man, and I had a tear in my eye when Maureen O'Hara went before Congress to press for the John Wayne "American Hero" award...which he so justifiably causes me great sorrow when I see the Liberal Progressive Communists try to tear down his memory and attack him for what he stood for with no relevance of the times when he was speaking etc....but are we really surprised...these Liberal Facists will never stop trying to destroy America and everything that is good about America until they succeed in turning the country into a third world shithole, or they are finally defeated once and for Poland it is now an automatic sentence of two years to promote Communism...given thousands of American sons who went and died fighting Communism in both Korea and Viet Nam...shouldn't their blood and sacrifice warrant a similar law in America...why every decade does the country have to put up with the re emergence of Socialism and Communism despite the over one hundred million that died from this evil scurge in the Twentieth Century...this is not a free speech is a matter of Treason...spouting Communist ideology is akin to treason...enough people have died fighting against it...lets put an end to this bullshit once and for all...oh and God Bless Mr. John Wayne, a true American Hero
theresa bollman
Always loved him, always will. Our entire family adored this wonderful man.
Risseldy Rosseldy
He was THE American movie hero .period.
Interesting that Barbra Streisand presented the award because she won Best Actress a year earlier, tied with Kathryn Hepburn, who would go onto co-star with The Duke in the sequel to True Grit "Rooster Cogburn". This could have just as easily been Hepburn presenting the award.
Stagecoach, The Searchers, The Shootist shows how he matured as an actor. He deserved an Oscar regardless. I don't think any actor has had that type of presence since
Neil Dennis
He didn’t think he earned it, and frankly I agree. Jeff Bridges was a better Rooster Cogburn than The Duke. He was far better in The Quiet Man or Liberty Valance.
He should of gotten one for The Shiotist
Charles Long
We have zero diversity in male formal dress. Shameful. Diversity is supposed to be good. Ha ha.
c104 ark
F John Wayne. He disrespected minorities and this is a period of all white oscar's.
Roger Shirley
Nobody mentions the hellfighters. Duke was made for that role
Jenny wren
Marion Morrison, what a man....
John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Marlon Brando, Paul Newman......etc. A true movie stars, those were the days!
Aditya Sharma
This speech was as captivating as his movies.
Rory Forbes
You would never find him up on the podium virtue signalling by attacking the president, regardless who he was.
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Elizabeth Taylor Wins Best John Wayne Wins Best 2 days ago   02:39

Elizabeth Taylor winning the Oscar® for Best Actress for her performance in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf?" at the 39th Academy Awards® in 1967. Presented by Lee Marvin and accepted by Anne Bancroft. Introduced by Bob Hope.