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Will It Run? Junked Small | 1950's Railroad Lamp Restoration - At Up-Tube.com

Will IT Run? Junked small 1950's Railroad Lamp Restoration 2 days ago   27:13

a local subscriber who works at a metal recycling yard saved this kubota engine from the crusher and thought it would make for a good will it run video, so lets find out shall we.

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dan mackintosh
I think it has been suggested to use it as a boat engine but my initial thought was a diesel powered motorbike & possibly a small turbo from something like a Daihatsu. Also should run fine on pretty much anything vaguely oily. We run our Diesel Citroen on sunflower oil and occasionally a dose of dead petrol mixed in to get rid of it. Dead petrol even aids cold starting in winter when running veg oil, up to about 15-20% I've taken it to. I know you have a bit of waste "gas" around the place maybe that would be a useful way to recycle it? Hope you like the bike/trike idea, diesel bikes rock!
Srg NightFire
She purrs like an angry kitty
joseph dragojevich
air locked maybe, idk im typing this at 8:23... you might actually need the glow plug for this old thing. but in all reality i have no idea, i have very limited knowledge of diesel engines, limited to JUST above zip, ziltch, nada NOTHING! lmao
EDIT: nice i see you got it running, now i guess you have a generator for the zombie apocalypse haha
Richard Bielec
Put it in a Crosley!
wayne murphy
12mins in and I'm hoping for a runaway.
Josh Lafferty
put it in a go kart
Jared McQuiniff
Make a small mud buggy with it! That would be fun.
bada boom!
reno flames
pto 8kw generator
Tim Vine
Imagine this in a motorbike..
Kubota starts incredibly fast if you heat up those plugs. Engine parts, if needed, you will find them on Bobcat. They run little diesel Kubota on their mini-excavators. Best regards!
Another cracker Mustie. Love your delivery style. Thank you sir
john bumptybump
She definitely wants to live, that engine. Will work hard for years that. Whatever it goes in, it needs to be something which is going to be used a lot.
Paul Kile
How about building a longtail boat like they use on the rivers in Thailand and Vietnam?
meyaw Abdulaziz
desiels are sweets im starting to like them little by little
what model is it ? kubota ?
Stephen Williams
Could be a good equivalent to a Wisconsin engine. We had 2 cylinder like it. In pumps and air compressors.
Russell Booth
One way to start a diesel engine without glow plugs is with some form of accelerant such as carby cleaner or normal fuel.

I wonder if they checked the diodes on the rotor because sometimes they either blow or short out or either the rotor or stator could be open or short circuited.

Sometimes they need to be flashed with a torch battery (either a 6 or 9 volt battery will do) if the capacitor has no charge left in it.

Some generators come with the provision to flash the stator & rotor windings with a 9 volt battery !
Eric Allen
Turbo diesel go kart :)
mr c
Ol ' mustie!..if kitchen sinks had wheels, he can make'em go!
JMMJ Productions
Boat motor !
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1950's Railroad Lamp Restoration Will IT Run? Junked small 2 days ago   22:40

If you want Stickers send my a private message on my Instagram

Today i restore this Ugly Railroad Lamp from France made in 1950's.
I found this lamp at flea market few days ago, as you can see is in a very bad shape esteticaly but in rest is a very heavy duty lantern with a huge battery.
I this video i listened to you and i added a LiPo battery modification and a big smd led bulb.
Let me know if you like this color.

If you want to buy stickers send my a message on my Instagram

If you want to help me create more cool videos you can support me on Patreon or Paypall

PayPall http://www.paypal.me/tysytube
Patreon http://www.patreon.com/tysytuberestoration

Index of operation and materials:

00:01 presentation
00:45 begin disassembly
04:16 i put all rusted parts in Mc-51 to remove rust
04:38 i remove paint with paint stripper
05:55 now i remove all casting marks with sand paper
07:23 polishing the metal parts
08:00 now i clean the rusted parts from Mc-51 after 2 hours
08:41 now i remove rust from the handle with a wire brush wheel
09:16 degreasing all the parts for painting with IBS BLITZ
09:41 now i mask all the parts with tape
10:07 apply the prime
10:36 now i water sanding the primer
11:04 i apply two coats of yellow car paint
11:35 now i apply two coat of clear laquer
12:02 now i polish all the little parts
13:04 now i remove paint from the letters
13:19 presentation
13:47 start reassembling
16:30 now i make the wiring inside
20:02 i apply my sticker
20:32 presentation
21:17 testing the lighter

Time and costs of this restortion:

5 days restoration
4 days editing
80 euro materials