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Walk Through 2016 Airstream | Preowned 2012 Airstream Interstate - At Up-Tube.com

Walk Through 2016 Airstream Preowned 2012 Airstream Interstate 2 days ago   18:32

Colonial Airstream
An interior walk through on the all new 2016 Airstream International Serenity 30W Travel trailer which is for sale at Colonial Airstream in Lakewood New Jersey.

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This is really cool, but for the price i can build one nicer
Beautiful Ок
I for one am a fan of the fantastic fan.
Rafaela Mora
Awesome trailer. Thank you.
Dogsoldier 1950
A lot of price complaints. These do hold their value and sell easily
Jeff In Chicago
Elizabeth Ramos
I'm in 😍
عارف بو احمد
Dave Dude
sorry, did you turn off the lights in the closet? Just worry for the electricity. thanks.
DeLynn DeHardt
Really nice RV. What the H*** was the background noise in this video? Sounded like a sci fi flick?
I could look at Airstreams all day long and this gentleman’s voice never gets annoying or irritating like some other people (salesmen) do.
The only problem I have with airstreams is the multitude of choices lol. I want them all lol. I wouldn’t be able to pick just one lol
To bad I can’t buy one from Patrick but he’s in New Jersey and I’m on the west coast plus where I live there isn’t sales tax. That alone means I have to shop locally.
When you’re looking at spending $60,000 or more the sales tax is HUGE. That model if sold in California has taxes of $6,500 or more depending on what county you’re in. That’s ridiculous.
That’s one of the reasons I left that God forsaken place and will never go back.
Fernando Soares
é um sonho, apenas um sonho em ter um trailer .
M Mills
How much?
lisa morand
We have a 17ft trailer, first one, second hand, 2015 keystone hideaway, made sense, because we want to hide away from our adult children. lol. I have looked at many youtube videos of trailers, I know I don't like 5th wheels, pop ups. motorhomes. I like the travel trailer. This one is by far my favorite layout. I see very little wastes space. And if you were camping with another couple or kids, shower being separate from toilet is ideal. My questions is the exterior looks flat, does that mean more drag, more gas? And how much does this one cost? And how long was it? Excellent video.
Please slow your camera movements ....way to fast .....barffffffff
Now , this is the one for me. Love the salsa colored seats. All the extra windows give you endless space and you dont feel cramped inside a box. Can pull the shades if you want. The best thing is that when you have one of those beautiful rainy stormy days, just leave all the shades up and the skylights open and you'll be IN the rain w/o getting wet. Just sit in the booth with a good book and a cup of hot cocoa and dig the rain right outside the window by your elbow. Aaaahhh !!! Thats living ! Only complaint is they should have put the shower on the other side and the toilet where the shower is (it's smaller). And does the bedroom close with sliding door? If not, it should. Otherwise it's perfect.
Edwin Holcombe
Those naughty curtains are see-throughs!
Kacey Carter
Dude is he saying salsa? Never have I ever heard anyone say salsa like he does.
Cindy Nunery
How do you heat the water for shower and washing dishes? Sorry.....prob dumb question. Absolutely lovely camper. I could move right in. Thanks for the great video.
This is what happens when an Oliver trailer and an Airstream have baby. Best of both worlds in terms of aesthetics.
I bought a 23fb to learn the ropes and have been enjoying it thoroughly. Couple thing I like. It's easy & fast to heat as it's only 23' which I'm extremely grateful for when outside temps are 34°. Nice size bathroom. Love the two separate sinks! Only downside is the dinette table which is ok if I have it "loose" making it easy to move out of the way whenever I need to.
But THIS trailer! Mama Mia, it's a beautiful sight to behold.
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Preowned 2012 Airstream Interstate Walk Through 2016 Airstream 2 days ago   02:37

Pricing Information: http://hwhrv.com

Preowned 2012 Airstream Interstate 3500
Class B Motorhome RV
Holiday World of Houston in Katy, Texas

The Interstate 3500 is a high end Class B luxury motorhome. It features an awning, generator, satellite dish, back up camera, heated leather seats, full bathroom with shower, seating for 8, refrigerator, microwave tow TV's and plenty of storage.