"Drive tour Downtown Oklahoma Boise: A look at two of the city's most 2 months ago   09:40

Chris Schulz
Driving in Downtown Oklahoma City. Filmed on August 10th 2014. This was on a Sunday afternoon, so that's the most likely reason for the lack of pedestrians.

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Paolo Donzella
The problem of this city is the traffic
this video is sooo depressing
saif khan
Upload more videos about oklahoma city night life market places in night time
Γιώργος Κιούσης
What if harden never left???
Thanks for this. When I was 3 years old my mom and dd took me with them to OKC (1940) and for several years after that. In those days you could let your kid run free on the downtown streets during the day and even an hour or so after dark. Not any more. I still love OKC and its people.
Nice video. I drove through this area numerous times, when I lived in OKC. I enjoyed my stay in OKC while there. I always found something to explore and to see. And the city is not as empty as it shows in the video. It can get quit hectic in that city. I sure miss exploring this town. And Oklahoma is not a bad place to be. It has allot of beautiful areas, you just have to find them and explore them !
If you are wondering why its empty, read the description
I know de Wey brudda
Kansas City is twice the size and booming. It’s not empty like Oklahoma
I know de Wey brudda
Oklahoma City is a ghost town
He’s not exploring downtown clickbait
Millo Exploration Vlogs
where are the humans?
nerf player
Where are does people
Tech 405
It's really bugging me that you didn't clean your windshield before doing this video... I'm sorry but I had to say it lol
Kamel Kadri
Great Music
Chicken noodle Soup
I live in OKC it's not empty but I don't no y thar is no one in video
Kerem Acar
song name pls
There's certain states I wouldnt even go to visit. Oklahoma is one of them
wtff your city so dead?!!! nothin but a boring city of olahoma -_-
Noah kdkdkd
The Oil Well city.
if you're saying oklahoma is empty, you probably don't know how it's like lmfao 💀 lmfao sunday nights
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Boise: A look at two of the city's most "Drive tour Downtown Oklahoma 2 months ago   03:00

Kerri O'Hara, Boise area relocation specialist & realtor.
Come along as Kerri tours you through two of The City of Tree's most desirable neighborhoods, the North End and Southeast Boise. Along the way we will explore what makes Boise so special and why it's always making those national Top Ten lists. Could it be the greenbelt, the mountain biking, fly fishing, parks, foothills, hiking, outdoor living? You decide!
Kerri is a realtor with Better Homes and Gardens 43 Degrees North Real Estate. You can contact her through her website linked above.