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Derek Van Schaik
Does Jake Paul’s body language prove he lied in Shane Dawson’s Inside The Mind of Jake Paul?

As you all know, Shane Dawson has done an 8 part video series on the YouTube star, Jake Paul, to go inside his mind and even seek to answer whether or not Jake Paul is a sociopath.

The first part was The Mind of Jake Paul, then The Dark Side of Jake Paul, next The Family of Jake Paul, and The Enemies of Jake Paul. From there, Shane goes to Jake Paul's Team 10 mansion with Kati Morton in The World of Jake Paul, see my body language video on Shane's visit.

In The Secrets of Jake Paul, I made a Body Language of a Liar video about a kitchen conversation Jake Paul and Erika Costell had with Shane, while he was visiting Jake at his home.

In The Ex Girlfriend of Jake Paul, I analyzed Alissa Violet's body language to determine what she possibly lied about.

During Shane’s series part 8 finale, Inside The Mind of Jake Paul, Shane does his final sit down interview with Jake. We’re going to analyze Jake’s body language to reveal all the insights and find out what Jake Paul lied about. Shane’s series finale is super long, so for the interest of time we’re mainly just going to focus on pointing out Jake's lies.

In the comments: After Shane’s series, has your opinion of Jake Paul changed and what do you think of him now?

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Ha Ifa
There’s something fishy about this video and most of it not true sorry but I think in this episode you let your emotions and judgments get to your analysis I don’t see this fair
Ha Ifa
You just want to say Jake lied even if he said I’m not gonna stop that doesn’t mean the neighbor really connected to him and maybe that’s made him more stubborn
Kaylee Mullen
Can Derek and Jake do an interview, please??
When he was asked about Logan’s forest video he just talked about his my first response would be “yah, my family went through a lot during that time.” Or something along those lines. Like, that’s the most telling line to me that he lacks empathy and is very self absorbed.
Jake: semi-apologizes for teacher music video
Also Jake: “confront” Cody Ko for being a “cyber bully” because Cody made fun of and talked about how said video was a bad influence.
Georgina Paul
I hope Shane seen these
Jack Smith
You should make a body language video of Logan Paul and the Suicide forest and his apology for the suicide forest
i wish you didn’t put your bias in as much as you do in these videos. try to keep it as unbiased as possible and approach assumptions like being a psychopath or liar in a different perspective than your personal one. but otherwise, great videos and analysis
Fiona Natalia
10:11 the fact that it’s all a lie
hiphop who's next
You would really considered fighting Jake in a boxing ring?I would wanna see this fight tbh
Sheri For
I would love you to analyze KATE AND GERRY MCCANN . but be weary they try to sue people eho dont believe them.
Samantha Verley
i feel like there’s something mentally wrong with him. not an entire sociopath, i believe that goes to his crazy ass brother but yeah- kid needs professional help of some sort.
Angie Gomez
Wait a minute little kids watch his shit? That’s appalling, parents need to monitor what media their kids consume a bit more closely. This guy is a total douche and by no means not a good role model for any child or teen
Sara Edwards
Ok if the neighbors were already pissed about all these people showing up at his house and causing them problems why tf would they go to a news team & complain and get even more mfs out there to bother them????
Durpy Pokemon
Me i still hate the pauls
The videos they make is not my thing
Alex Mata
I actually got manipulated once I almost bought like fifteen shirts and sold them but I thought that was so stupid so I’d i didn’t do it
Dotmaker EX
¿Is it just me or does Shane Dawson look like Rumplestiltskin out of Shrek?
stephen elliott
What if he isn't a sociopath
Nolann Janvier
I would instantly send my kid to the ranch if he wants to buy jake paul merch
Yea that’s the hard part of identifying lying in people with narcissistic/sociopath tendencies because their version of the truth is so skewed from reality. Some can literally pass lie detector tests with wrong answers just because they believed it was the truth.
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