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Film Theory: Mrs Doubtfire Is A Criminal! | Film Theory: Venom Is The Victim! - At Up-Tube.com

Film Theory: Mrs Doubtfire is a CRIMINAL! Film Theory: Venom is the VICTIM! 4 months ago   14:03

The Film Theorists
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Mrs. Doubtfire is a classic Robin Williams movie that a generation grew up watching. When I watched it again as an adult though, I noticed something CRAZY! Mrs. Doubtfire broke the law SO MANY TIMES! How did this character not get arrested? Today Theorists, I'm going to show you how Mrs. Doubtfire is actually a CRIMINAL!!

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Comments 12512 Comments

Richard Sandor
Imagine being sent to jail for having an animal with hooves in a residential area. "What are you in for?" Ponies, man. Ponies.
But... It's Rob Williams...
John Mendonca
I would see that horror movie
Vesna Rode
BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO😣😮👎👎💀💩💩🙅🙅🙍🐌🐙🐛🔕👾🔪⚠‼⁉WTF bro???!!!?
Syndicate XIV
that would be about: 50 years and 7 months in jail
BunnyChim Chim
I have literally been watching silly ghost videos and creepy clown videos before this and this bloody intro is the 1 thing that scared me...I thought I was moving to something family friendly before bed!!!
Still love the vid. Well done with the horror intro
Just Me
Since when does the heimleich maneuver cure anaphylactic shock?
Going after Robin Williams is wrong AF
Why does Film Theory feel like MatPat returning to his old style?
Unlike Game Theory, Film Theory is more interesting...
dashy donut
Love the intro
Isaac Is RundeeMan05
Problem with the lime throw is that no one in their right mind would press charges on a lime getting thrown at them.
A film theory! And cut!... To Alcatraz prison?
The Prosperous Pimple
Watches and sees it is a man
The Prosperous Pimple
Clickbait: Arrest this man. It shows a picture of a woman.
Erik Pope
I just have one question, what do you mean technically?
why was i lowkey scared of the trailer
Juanita Wade
Mr.Mustache YT
Who else was actually horrified at the beginning of the video. I’m not ok...😳
Confused MarshMelloKing
I wonder what the kill count for this movie is😈

James Miller
What're you in for?
Disguised myself as a British nanny to see my kids 6 days a week rather than 1 when I just as easily could've waited 3 months and seen them most days of the week anyway. Oh yeah, I'm also on a 2nd degree murder charge, a noise pollution charge, and a hooves in a residential neighborhood charge. I also assaulted my competition and vandalized his car.
OH... my gawd!
But it's all family friendly comedy.
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Film Theory: Venom is the VICTIM! Film Theory: Mrs Doubtfire is a CRIMINAL! 4 months ago   14:36

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