How to Remove Paint Scuffs On Your WD40 Can Be Used As A Cleaner! 5 months ago   06:05

How to remove paint scuffs from your car. Learn how to safely remove paint transfer from your car's paintwork without causing any damage to the paint underneath.

Foam Abrasive:
Dash Camera I use:
Clay Bar:
Wax I recommend:

Remove Scratches from Wheels:
Top 10 Car Cleaning Mistakes:
Remove Scratches From your Car's Paint:

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Dennis Nuhiji
Way to go Chris, you just saved me from a scratch on a 3 weeks old car.
Samantha Acevedo
does it matter how old or new it is?
I'm from India and I don't know where to get this magic eraser xD
Muhammad farhan
awesome brother appreciate your struggles
joe chen
excellent video. very well done. thank you
Please do a video about how to touch up paint, I dont want to touch up my car without watching a video of you doing it lol
En list
but always

use soapy water
My mom has this paint scrape on her car, scraping the side of the garage door when she drove in. I'm tempted to try this
Thank you very much, Chris! I just saved myself a lot of money.
Filam Kelub
Its funny he should make this video. I had a similar event. I parked in an empty place, only 1 red car there. When i moved out, got home, i realised that SOMEHOW, his red paint rubbed onto my car too... but not all is lost. Chris' paint job worked on my white car just as well. Now to find the guy who's red vette transferred onto my white car.
Vincent Venturella
Usually ....these Marks Come from Idiots That are DRUNK DRIVERS and Cannot SEE where They are DRIVING.....i SHOULD KNOW.....USED to BE ONE (of THEM) ! LOL VJVMD
Vincent Venturella
Most Modern Auto Paint involves Three Layers, CHRIS you Know ALL of the Processes, so Please EXPLAIN, for the Ignorant......then Follow My Method....WD-40 w/ Triple OO Steel wool. Ga Head....i am Still Waiting ? LOL VJVMD
Vincent Venturella
Ruben Davila
Doesn't hand, detergent, and even dish soap do damage to the coat? Not a perfectionist, but wouldn't it be safer to advise using specific car soap?
TopHat Videos Inc.
Your videos are perfect. But could you make one for carpet/ dash recoloring?
R Rrr
Can turtle wax do the job? Sorry new to this
Eliza Segal
Thank you! For anyone wondering, this definitely works. Just be gentle with the sponge and be prepared to take your time.
Jimmy Roo
Can I use spray wax, citrol, or rapid remover instead of WD40?
miguel gonzalez
I can watch his videos all day actually I do well versed you can't go wrong with Chris fix
Jillian Barrette
Thank you! I will definitely try this on my car, got side swiped 🙃
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WD40 Can Be Used As A Cleaner! How to Remove Paint Scuffs On Your 5 months ago   02:44

I wanted to see first hand if WD40 can be used as a cleaner. Turns out it can :-)