How Big Meat Made Bacon a Meme Adam Ruins Everything - Alpha 2 weeks ago   05:24

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Adam is the biggest soyboy there is.
LolaAphelion 12
I don’t even like bacon tbh so... :D
Failed to mention that in the U.S. the average human has about a 5% chance from birth to get cancer so by eating bacon it raises that 5 by 20% of that 5 making the risk to 5.8% this is highly misleading yes it does increase risk but it is statistically speaking basically nothing just by breathing daily air it raises your risk more
Marcus Farcus
Who eats a hot dog a day?!?! 🤮
Fifi_ Leafy
Next up:

Adam ruins capitalism
Here are some other things that cause cancer:

Night shifts
Birth control pills
Brown rice
Instant coffee
Styrofoam cups
Fish oil
Microwave popcorn
Credit card receipts
Canned food
Oral sex
Air travel
Hot dogs
Air fresheners
Talcum powder
Hair dye
Dry cleaning

Adam, we will still do/eat/use these things. Almost everything is someway or another a carcinogen.
Pierce Johnston
That’s it in vegan
Phoenikz Gaming
Baconaisse: huh

Bacon soda: um...

Bacon bandages: hey guys?

Bacon lube: ok wtf
AShi 89
Ok so a 4 percent increase to a one in a thousand cancer chance... makes it actually a 0.04 percent cancer chance increase (using VERY generous estimates)
Even specifially for colorectal cancer the actual increase in risk is around 0.16 percent... barely above margins of error...
Now I appreciate advocating for healthier eating but to use scare tactics for that is just a new low for this channel
Violet Pencil
Look I don’t get to eat bacon for years at a time, when it’s in my hands, it’s going in my mouth
jf2006 mckin
KETO dieters have left the chat...
Michael Hallman
So Adam is a Vegan and this is his agenda against happy meat eaters
Paranoid Android
Before watching I didn't want to eat bacon

Now I do
Who cares?
2:38 Bacon Lube?....

That definitely won't be interpreted as anything lewd. No sir, nothing lewd here...

Oh who am I kidding, this is the internet.
CPT. BlobberBeard
Sponsored by what?
Marcus Dogan
I have a friend named Chris p bacon
Nicky h225
"It even cause cancer" that sounds like a joke but its not
Cameron Harper
Oh no Cancer!!! *Keeps eating bacon*
Amanda Ciccione
I don't really care for bacon. In fact, the smell of cooking bacon really bothers my eyes and sinuses for some reason. I do like a bacon sandwich every once in a while, but otherwise I can't even stand to eat a slice of bacon just on its own. I've never seen the appeal.
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Adam Ruins Everything - Alpha How Big Meat Made Bacon a Meme 2 weeks ago   04:41

Turns out alpha wolves are just...devoted parents.

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