How Big Meat Made Bacon a Meme Adam Ruins Everything - Alpha 2 months ago   05:24

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Ariella Frankel
Isnt it funny how so many religeons dont eat certain animals and then scientifically they discover eating this is unhealthy?
Cat Fuller
People named their kids Bacon? Imagine someone moaning that...
Роман Мавроян
Bacon? Pff, please... Russia, Belarus, Ukraine... pretty much any ex-USSR country — we eat *raw pig fat* without a shred of meat in it. 90% of times it's not cooked in any way, just salted a little. We call it "salo" (сало)
Nobody "told" us to eat it. But everyone does anyway
There's hardly any ads for it.
And we f%cking love it.
These things are known it's stupid how he trys to make it seem so bad but in reality it's no worse than other fatty red meat
Split man
Barely doing anything too much will cause cancer
CoGamer Guy
Well I’m gonna give up on hot dogs no way I’m getting cancer
Mia Thompson
I’ve always hated bacon so we’re good
Douglas Dusold
Fun fact. America's obsession with Bacon on everything started at beechnut in canajoharie NY
The Foxy and Bonnie Channel
2:38 is no one going to talk about how he said there’s bacon lube?
Murder adam .
Maddy Gay
2:43 7 out of every million sounds like a lot. But its only 16
The only time I've eaten the Streaky American-infused Bacon was in a Big Mac, I think it was burned, not a great first impression.
Danny DangGang
There's gotta be more to this video
In the postwar area, people ate anything they could. Wasting any food was considered disgusting - organs, pork, EVERYTHING was eaten. And how is that a bad thing? Yeah, you shouldn‘t eat bacon all day, but if you slaughter animals to eat them, you should also eat the fat.
And that we should eat less meat in general is no surprise, is it?
I dont buy bacon because its too expensive for what you get
Apple Islander
The "Group A carcinogen" thing is stupid. Betel nuts and literally all alcoholic beverages are grouped together with plutonium and asbestos.
I know that certain salt meat procesing techniques can give u cancer but there is another that can be used which is safe. Also we Serbs love ham.
duck 0
I eat bacon almost evry day damn
Harsh Sharma
Adam can be assassinated by anything
Bevan Pattison
I just finished eating bacon and I’m going to eat more bacon tomorrow
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Adam Ruins Everything - Alpha How Big Meat Made Bacon a Meme 2 months ago   04:41

Turns out alpha wolves are just...devoted parents.

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