The worlds last Blockbuster video Inside the Last Blockbuster Video 2 days ago   03:40

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Bluckbuster video stores were once a video empire that spanned the globe. Now We see what's left of Blockbuster at its very last store.

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Robert Sutton
A video store 10 minutes walk from me closed this Feb and I was the very last customer.
Ilya Elis
Oh yes..... I miss the porn section
I miss Blockbuster. They should have a streaming service....
Wow! Cool! Hope this store stays open forever.
WOW back in the days I remember renting consoles systems from my local blockbuster.
axel shneider
90's....just the best years!😃😃😃😫
Fatty Acid
Those whole point of going out to blockbuster had always been getting family size pizzas and KFC next door or on the way back.
Yeah. I don't think this last one will close...parking lot of the store is full of cars every time i drove by.
Frank Meyer
Internet killed the video store.

Imagine Blockbuster Girl falling through its roof - you expect cool 80s music but NOPE!
Cant they do a netflix or amazon
Godzilla 78
I love Blockbuster....💟....🍿
Beverly Huttinger
I actually miss Blockbuster and Hollywood Video! We had so much fun in the 90's (LOL).
Derek M
OMG.... Those still exist lol, yep. The digital age and media killed that one for sure. I will always miss being a child and having my mother take me to 😢 one of these.
Alex n
I miss the days of going my local video store as a family an picking out witch ones we are watching that week brought back some memories this did 🤯🥺😀
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Inside the Last Blockbuster Video The worlds last Blockbuster video 2 days ago   01:32

The yellow and blue is still going strong inside the world's last Blockbuster store. Inside Edition took a look inside the rental store in Bend, Oregon. Sandi Harding proudly remains at the helm as its general manager. "I always laugh because people come in and say, 'Oh my gosh, it still looks like a Blockbuster. Of course it does, we are Blockbuster," she said. Blockbuster first opened in 1989. Now, tourists are flocking to this Oregon store, the last of its kind.