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University Of California, Berkeley - Department | Max Planck Institute - Chemistry Meets - At Up-Tube.com

University of California, Berkeley - Department Max Planck Institute - Chemistry meets 1 day ago   06:36

The Physics Department at Berkeley is home to faculty, who are devoted to scientific discovery and training the next generation of physicists, both undergraduate and graduate students, who come to learn and participate in the University's cutting-edge research. The department offers the full spectrum of a physics education and includes expanding programs in; biophysics, quantum physics, atomic physics and quantum technologies. Physics at Berkeley is an international leader and attracts more than 7000 students from all over the world.


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Raghu Seetharaman
There are *literally* the smartest people in the United States.
Elizabeth Farrell
Thank you for the video.
Genius Adwit Kanti Routh
Is there any university where physics department is purely theoretical ? There is no experiment, no lab. Only theoretical research happens. Is it possible at any university ?
الحياة والعدم
Physics laboratory
Vicki Chang
Attending Berkeley was an offensive waste of my time and money. It is my opinion that 90%+ of the Berkeley physics department that isn't cross listed in another department at Berkeley are retards that don't understand physics, their field of research. Please waste more of my tax dollars!!!
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Que Pasada , Muy Bueno !! ;)
Sanjay Dhar
Great video
buzz lightyear
Great video ! I have shared your video on dizivizi by tagging it on, University of California, Berkeley
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amazing place
Richard Gold
please do stanford university applied physics . department video
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Max Planck Institute - Chemistry meets University of California, Berkeley - Department 1 day ago   05:11

Our mission is to perform world-leading fundamental research on the properties of materials, working at the boundaries of solid state chemistry and condensed matter physics.

The Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids is dedicated to the discovery of new materials with unusual properties. To this end, researchers must have a fundamental understanding of the interrelations between the atomic structure, chemical bonding, electron states and the properties of a compound.

The key research focus of the Institute is compounds of different metals. Chemists and physicists as well as experimental and theoretical scientists use state-of-the-art instruments and methods to investigate how the chemical composition, configuration of atoms and external forces affect the behaviour of electrons.

It is these that are responsible for the magnetic, electronic and chemical properties of the compounds, and thus for their potential use as materials.