Fred Armisen, Bill Hader Bill Hader Reveals All the Things 4 months ago   55:34

92nd Street Y
Documentary Now! with Fred Armisen, Bill Hader and Seth Meyers, moderated by Janice Min in partnership with The Hollywood Reporter’s TV Talks series.

Documentary Now! is IFC’s hit series co-created by the dream team of Seth Meyers, Fred Armisen, Bill Hader and Rhys Thomas and executive produced by Armisen, Hader, Meyers, Thomas, Lorne Michaels, Andrew Singer and Alex Bueno. Season 2 debuts this September, hosted by Helen Mirren and featuring hilarious spins on classic docs ranging from Stop Making Sense to The War Room. Don’t miss the Season 2 premiere preview and the three of the brilliant comic minds behind the show — nominated for a 2016 Emmy for outstanding variety sketch series — when they stop by 92Y to discuss this delightfully off-the-wall project. The Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment is co-presenting this panel with the 92nd Street Y as part of The Hollywood Reporter’s TV Talks series in recognition of the Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting’s milestone 50th anniversary.

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Saskia McKenna
that's so cool, history of punk is one of my all time favourite sketches
john clay
28:52 never fails to crack me up
PeterJames Foote
Thanks for saying “That is such bad advice!” Wish I could have seen this 40 years ago!
PeterJames Foote
Just hilarious. Of course now I have to figure out how to watch this! I already subscribe to so many services. I wish my brain had been wired more like one of the 3 of you.
PeterJames Foote
Can you imagine how great it would be if Janice Min was running for President? Imagine her winning and seeing her 20 times a week on tv instead of 45? Her laugh is fantastic!
Allyson Gailey
god i wish i was mackenzie
.... and he won..
Edwin Navedo
She thinks something is Genius but does not even know the This Woman Literally just crammed watched all the material the day before this interview lol
I love all of this but never noticed that as much as Bill Hader looks the most like he SHOULD be balding, that Seth and Fred ARE balding
David Humphrey
These 3 together just talking is hilarious new show!!!
Slipser Slipman
Patrick Wentzell
when he gets going ya know it's contagous laughgazum.
Mackenzie Sanchez
did not come to this video expecting them to say my name so many times. thrilled
3:45 😂😂😂😂😂
Bee Vee
those legs though!
Sam Pardi
Sam Pardi
Colleen Phelan
Anyone watch Finding My Roots on PBS? They did Fred Armisen and it is amazing!!!
Gregg Todd
I laughed harder at these three guys just sitting around riffing jokes (basically) than I did on any of their SNL sketches. There is a Head-Heart-Soul trinity they bring to this point Seth & Bill would vehemently chastise me for trying to be serious about being funny.
Kevin Dolan
Is Mackenzie still talking about herself?
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Bill Hader Reveals All the Things Fred Armisen, Bill Hader 4 months ago   02:44

Things like common expressions, and who Eliot Spitzer is.
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