Inside the Lab That Could Save What’s REALLY Warming the Earth? 2 days ago   09:34

June 14 -- Most of the talk about climate change has been about reducing the emissions we’re going to make; but what about the emissions we’ve already made? Cleaning up that mess is going to be hard, expensive and controversial. But it’s also going to be necessary. On this episode of Unsolvable we meet the people who are already figuring out how we’ll do it.

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Comments 504 Comments

Joey Tonnesen
Geo engineering = chemtrails
Rob Manzoni
Klaus Lackner: "...this is like sewage - this is like garbage..."
And this guy is a physicist? What is he? He's describes as the 'Director of the Centre For Negative Carbon Emissions', but - like Al Gore - he calls carbon dioxide a pollutant...

How did we come to this, that the world take his garbage words as meaningful truth; and no real scientists are effectively calling him out as a charlatan?
Paul Baskerville
the south american volcano that stopped the plains flying . the ash it put it in the air drooped the world temperature by 1/2 a degree for 6 mounts . use all jets flying normally . spreed out there flight paths to cover more air space . put tanks with ash and spray ash at altitude the ash blocks sunshine fertilizes see plants that use up more co2 add iron in the form of rust to the ash the seas need more iron to stimulate see plant growth . less talk more doing sum thing.
Show me the SCIENCE first of MAN MADE CO2 emissions has any real effect on our climate first because every study, paper, chart and graph and predictions have been WRONG!
did u say u can't get permission to eject particles in the atmosphere....have u ever heard of car emissions... I not even going to mention Chemtrails...
Alex Povolotski
Are you nuts? Why would you want to stop climate change? The planet and life in it depends on it. Seasons, day and night, longer cycles (10,000 year cycles)... You meddle with something you understand nothing about.
Philbo Baggins
WTF is wrong with this world? Ill give you a clue its not climate change.
Robert Caraher
Why waste your time effort and money trying to stop it , when its probably to late to save the planet and the ghouls who run the world will not let you stop it never mind acknowledge it. Your money would be better spent hiring hitmen to stop them and send quite a LOUD message.
Jim Inverness
"save the world from climate change"
Do you realize how mindbogglingly stupid that phrase is?
Those under the age of about 40, have been brainwashed from a very young age by Big Oil in regards to 'global warming/climate change'. Added to the fact that the US gov(primarily) has been pumping particulates into the atmosphere(chemtrails) for close to 2 decades already- with no evidence of slowing the process... And you throw this propaganda out to what... take a census of who is buying what BS?? Our beloved Washington DC with its little Middle Eastern 'boss' telling it which wars to wage and when- All to keep the fiat currency flowing into the tiny country's pockets
Russel Murray
Hey stupid meat eater if animal industry is eliminated we decrease global warming by several degrees it's the ONLY solution simple fix plus we quit torturing n killing innocent animals it is responsible for deforestation water shortage also but it's over 51% of methane released into the atmosphere all ur gadgets r a waste of valuable time
Thomas Peckoff
Human beings problem is they think they’re bigger than themselves and their ego is as big as the universe!
If the earth wants us gone it would shake us off like fleas
Want a simple example of our ego?
We think we can predict the weather but we can’t!
This video should show that greed is the one thing holding America back.
keith hogan
I prefer we use real trees for this. Leave my air alone. Plants need CO2 and current levels are dangerously low.
frank wilkinson
If China keeps turning deserts into lush green forests they can stop it. China could speed up the process if they would share that sweet paste formula they put into the desert soil to make it happen faster.
Landon Kromhout
Rodney Degens
Well we need to start some emergency earth cooling right about now. the alternative is quite obvious and happening now
Remi Caron
This is exactly why we are already dead. These people will give the leaders and rich hope of fixing the problem until the wars and starving begins. WE ARE DONE AND THIS IS WHY! By the way the one scientist says he's been working on thin for almost 25 years and has nothing to show for it except his toys in the lab. Leave it to BLOOMBERG to show you how we will all be enslaved by the few.
Turdbo Mitch
The official US position is ignorance. Love it haha
Turdbo Mitch
Could these be washed out in the rain?
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Connecting climate models with actual temperature changes

NASA Goddard’s Gavin Schmidt explains the history of the instrumental temperature record

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