Ed Sheeran - Perfect Duet (with Beyoncé- One Plus One (1+1) Lyrics 6 months ago   04:20

Ed Sheeran
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This was a collab I never knew I needed😭♥
Beyoncé made this song 10000x better
What’s the Hà ?
I could listen to their voices all night long
sam sasa
nothing against beyonce she a queen but she ruines the song imo like jb on bad guy the original was just better
Jule Love
omg sooooooo schön ❤🍀❤
Ericka 💗💗💗
Zara Kashmiri
Beyyyyyy 💛🐝
Helloo !
I still have to every song one person that means something to me... this one is very special
Helloo !
I still have to every song one person that means something to me... this one is very special...
Helloo !
I still have to every song one person that means something to me... this one is very special...
mlk fan
When I listen this song I wanna married even I haven't a candidate
Levys RST
Brazilian. M
Kaylee B
I’ll be 13 this year and has a long time until I get married but I found the perfect song to walk down the aisle.
Poxa Júlio
Essa versão com a Beyoncé é melhor que a original! 💞💓
Max The Noble One
Queen B and King E am I dreaming?
Angelo Kelly and Family Fanlove
I must cry when i hear the song 😢
gerri louTM pietromonacoTM
Wow that was perfect!
Molly Spearman
❤️2019 😘😢
anastasia galt
I love this song ❤️
Iliana Fuentes
Jeez this song is soo good
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Beyoncé- One Plus One (1+1) Lyrics Ed Sheeran - Perfect Duet (with 6 months ago   04:34

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