Introducing Brent's New Race Car SHO'NUFF 3X Horsepower & Massive Burnouts!! | Indy 2 months ago   29:46

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EFormance Engineering
I hope he puts a waterproof passenger seat in there with a floor drain, just hose it out after every ride!
sleepyyy p
pedro needs to take that floppy ass grill outta his mouth so he can speak properly LOL
Christopher Beevor
That water heater is missing its discharge pipe from the safety valve at the top.
MaCK Witt Da Cheeze
I like that white coupe next to bully and how much was that plane kyle??
James 45.
Nice blow dryer Brent😂
Veil Mario
Shot to sho'nuff💪
I’m the real Guitozay
Put a 2jz in the bully it would be nasty
Mario Fernandez
Brent is very skilled and tuner savvy
Luke Melto
Wait so you have a whole car shop and no tire machine?!
Bernardo Valdovinos
What happened to Todd?
Christopher Plymel
S2k is bad as hell ...cant wait till its finished to see the end result...!!
Terry Cape
Is that Cooper's Supra in the background? Lol
23:30 Needs heated and cooled cupholders
Pedro Rivera
i cant peace toghther words that could express how greatful i am for you guys to do a j series. just speechless. the work and effort you guys put day in and day out is just out of this world. Every single boosted boi. thank you thank you so much. from all honda lovers to any motorized vehicle enthusiasts. your ART is universally loved. keep doing what you are doing you guys have all our humble support.
some random guy
what's up with the redneck with his fucked up silver teeth. they barely fit in his fucking mouth.
Yeah, nah
Artisan work on Sho 'nuff by Sean.
I've been following it on Brents PFI channel and am gobsmacked at what the guy can do. He's not just talking about it, but doing it!!!
Cars and Scooters
That green civic looks insane how much hp
David Windsor
Sho nuff is looking good. Cleetus and James and cooper when are you going to help a brother out on bully or sho nuff. Return the favor.😉👍👍👍
Cory Unferferth
Ol silver teeth creeps me out
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3X Horsepower & Massive Burnouts!! | Indy Introducing Brent's New Race Car SHO'NUFF 2 months ago   14:52

We finish our vintage Crue Cut Indy 500 go kart restoration and install a lightly modified Predator 212cc engine. Equipped with a deluxe performance kit, or stage 1 kit, the Predator 212 makes about 9 horsepower, making it three times more powerful than the original 3 horsepower Tecumseh engine. This go kart is still one wheel drive, so massive burnouts ensue. It's a really fun go kart, the modified predator 212 make the kart fast, but not scary or uncontrollable.

Thanks for Watching!


-----------------GO POWER SPORTS PARTS IN TODAY'S VIDEO----------------
Stage 1 performance kit:
Engine plates:
Predator 212 engine:
Go Power Sports website:

Equipment we use:

The following video features activities performed in controlled environments by knowledgeable persons. DO NOT attempt to duplicate, re-create, or perform the same or similar activities at home, as personal injury or property damage may result. CARS AND CAMERAS, the persons shown in this video and ANY CONTRIBUTOR, ARE NOT LIABLE FOR ANY such injury or damage. ALL CARSANDCAMERAS CONTENT IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.

Cars and Cameras makes no representation about the sufficiency of any safety precautions and equipment used in this video.