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Welcome To Home Of Football! | These 3 Tips Will Make - At Up-Tube.com

Welcome to Home of Football! These 3 tips will make 3 months ago   01:28

Home of Football
Hello guys!

Welcome to Home of Football youtube channel!

Home of Football channel brings you the highest quality edited football videos based on stats provided by professinal scout websites.

We're working every day on analyzing football players from top 5 leagues. Analyzing all of their actions, every single touch with the ball... So we can say that we are competent to create unique and creative videos based on stats.

Ever wonder what the top 10 best dribblers or free kick takers are in fotoball? Ronaldo or Messi? Who's the greatest of all time? Who's better shooter, better dribbler... All of these topics you can find if you subscribe to our channel!

We understand how many people in the world like to compare football players to their own abilities. So, we are here to analyze and create videos for you.

Our channel became recognizable by "TOP" a word in the title. So, we decided to leave it in all of our videos.

All of our videos are created with the purpose to inform and educate football fans all over the world and of course, to make you smile!

Home of Football has the home of footabll's statistics and highest quality edited videos. Why not combine both and deliver art!

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These 3 tips will make Welcome to Home of Football! 3 months ago   05:59

Midfielder football skills - become a better midfielder. In this video Joltter teaches you 3 things that will make you a better midfielder and a better football player. Playing as a midfielder is one of the hardest things to do as it requires lots of ball control, football skills, passing ability and great vision on the pitch - and in this video Joltter gives you 3 tips on how you can become a better midfielder and improve your midfielder match football skills. Even if you're not a midfielder, watch the video closely as we are sure you will learn something and improve your football skills!

The modern midfielder needs to be comfortable with the ball at all times and in this video Joltter teaches you how to control the midfield like a pro. Many videos only teach you basic midfielder football skills like short and long passes, but in this episode Joltter teaches you the importance of positioning your body correctly when receiving the ball as a midfielder. Joltter also talks about the importance of passing the ball to the correct side and correct foot of your teammate to move the game forward and the importance of scouting the pitch at all times to know where both your teammates and the opponents are throughout the game. Watch the video now to learn how to become a midfielder and take your midfielder football skills to the next level!

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