Bloopers & behind the cameras wih Lira Enrique Iglesias Do You Know The Ping 4 months ago   07:05

Enrique Otarola
Bloopers, behind the cameras with Lira Luis and Enrique Otarola, these are funny and suden unexpected events while shooting this conversatios in Las Vegas and San Francisco. Video recorded and produced by OREM Marketing & Business Solutions.

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Michael Daniel
thank you for developing these video clips
Mario Adretti
I have always dreamed of becoming a TV host, but thats is far beyond my imagination :D I did not know you have to deal with so many nerves and mistakes :)
Sandy Cand
James Martin
Posted clip really put myself into good mood :p
Christina Churta
I did not know you guys from this, funnier, side!! Great JOB!! :)
Andrew Bonnet
spectacular video, this is your best production up to date guys! :)
Alice Cosmatolina
hhahah, this is legendary. This video should go viral! Lira and Enrique - I like u even more right now:)
Benjamin Dixon
Dislike link really should be turned off for the clip
John Kandivsky
This is a wonderful show!
Aronin Michael
Satisfactory alternative for this mornin !!
Donald Lowe
ROTFL LOL and many, many moreee!!! :))
Andy Hill
Decent clip, keep on posting more :D
Keira Reeves
amazing stuff! :)
Tom Levine
I wonder why they cant stop smile on their faces after this situations :)
Julian Wright
How could I describe it? Amazing and hilarious!
Harriet Tyson
It doesnt get any better than this! you have chosen really funny situations :)
Lauren Serna
You guys are so Funny !!!
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