Arturo Castro Talks About Abbi Jacobson On "Broad City's” 2 months ago   22:56

BUILD Series
"Broad City" is an odd-couple comedy about two best friends navigating their twenties in New York City. Arturo Castro plays Jamie in the hit comedy series. You can also catch Castro in the latest season of Netflix's "Narcos." BUILD hosts Castro when he comes by the studio to chat about his roles in both series.

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Am Nicolás
Cut my pepito jajaja
Does anyone know the shoes the interviewer is wearing
Is he gay?
He looks like he constantly has the baby filter on.
Xiomara Diaz
Another recommendation of this guy....
Akul Samrat
wise man
Berny Say
Great actor!! 🔥
Sell out, only plays the stereotype to keep the gullible masses under control.
Randy Robinson
Why does he look like a woman? Like maybe trans
I love this guy. He's so naturally funny. Reminds me of a Latin, male Tracey Ullman.
Am Nicolás
El acento Colombia y Guate casi suena igual
speaking of shocked. see how chepe speaks in real life.
Sabrina Cuadra
Great attitude!
Amiee Teal
real station
damn I hated him at Narcos because he was mean, this is comedy to see him as gay LMFAO revenge
He's super cute. I thought that his Jaime voice was his real voice.
Emily hancock
SO CRAZY to hear his real voice!!
Jay Gasper
I love finding out that people have different regular voices, so shocking! lol. I felt the same way when I heard the guy who plays Furio talk in his regular voice.
jack mayhoffer
Dude seems like such a cool person, yet after seeing him on Narcos all I can think is “ I hope this son of a bitch gets clipped”. Sign of a good actor I guess. Must suck when he goes up to people and they equate the character with the person.
Jeff Bardot
This fool annoying af in Narcos, I loved him. Now he’s playing a faggot haha. And the real person’s voice caught me off guard hahah
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Abbi Jacobson On "Broad City's” Arturo Castro Talks About 2 months ago   04:18

Abbi directed a “Broad City” episode where Ilana realizes that she hasn’t had an orgasm since Trump was elected president.

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