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Spain's Fm Borrell On Catalan Detainees: | Polònia - Doctor Psoe I Míster - At Up-Tube.com

Spain's FM Borrell on Catalan detainees: Polònia - Doctor PSOE i Míster 2 days ago   26:07

DW News
How fair are the trials of Catalan pro-independence politicians? DW's Conflict Zone put this question to Spain's Foreign Minister, Josep Borrell. During the heated discussion, the politician walked off the set, but came back to finish the interview after speaking to his aides.
Conflict Zone is Deutsche Welle's top political interview. Every week, our hosts Tim Sebastian and Michel Friedman are face-to-face with global decision-makers, seeking straight answers to straight questions, putting the spotlight on controversial issues and calling the powerful to account.
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DW News
Conflict Zone puts the spotlight on controversial issues and going beyond the normal soundbite culture. A robust airing of issues calling the powerful to account. A tough examination of what has gone wrong within the guest’s sphere of responsibility.
Juan Carreno
I would have liked to see this interview in spanish instead. DW CZ interviewer with the same level of spanish as Mr Borell for english..
That grandmother in jail that he is talking is known to support the vasque and catalan independentist movements and was put there just for this, to create victimism , this is the main strategy, now being exported from Euskadi separatist group Batasuna, political arm of the now defeated terrorist group ETA, that for 30 years made a policy of "national suffering" by engaging in conflict with the police forces. It's all a long term strategy game for the separatist, they ask a lot , gain a little, and continue continue, to keep the power in their regions control over finances, education etc, so 30 years later you can't study in spanish in the Basque country or Catalonia. Befuddled yet ? Ah, but it's true!
Mr. Borrell supports the Palestinian "cause" but alienates himself from Catalan independence! His extreme arrogance was very annoying! The politicians must answer to good questions and not escape through the back door when they are cornered! I wonder what his new post as EU FM is going to be? Is he going to support the Iranian terrorist state to acquire the bomb?
Un tonto encumbrado a la más alta instancia de la diplomacia europea, que no distingue entre estar procesado (charged) y estar condenado (convicted) .
Se enfurece con el periodista, le da ordenes (Stop it!) y se marcha del plató cabreado porque no le hacen' las preguntas a su gusto.
Muy diplomatico, inteligente, o respetuoso no parece.
Con razón se marchan los ingleses.
Paradojicamente, el efecto sobre Europa en su conjunto podria ser altamente beneficioso, acelerando el Brexit como nadie podria soñar... (entendiendo que el Brexit es lo mejor para Europa en la actual coyuntura).
I thought it was a crappy interviewer; but I also was really concerned with the attitude of the interviewee, Josep Borrell. I was happy that a Spaniard had provisionally secured a top job (as EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy). But now I'm really concerned that he doesn't have the right qualities for such an important and sensitive role.
Tamas Marcuis
I notice that Tim Sebastian covers arrests in Spain while ignoring the treatment of Scottish citizens and politicians by the British state and judiciary. Pro union supporters and politicians regularly go untouched for numerous crimes including assault, fraud and defamation. State controlled media and that owned by English or supporters of the unionist side broadcast and publish naked propaganda that reminds me of the Soviet media I grew up with in the USSR. News reports are clearly orchestrated by the British government with the fake documentation prepared in advance.

For example the record of a meeting between the Scottish First Minister, the French Consul and Christine Lagarde the Chairwoman of the IMF. The copy of discussions was copied to the UK foreign ministry was altered to include damaging statements. After approval UK ministers ordered its issue to collaborating journalists and media. All media had already prepared and recorded responses before the document had even been prepared. Thereby indicating existing intensive organisation of propaganda activities. UK ministers made a large number of false statements including the denials of a Mr Carmichael the minister who had order the release.

Only the aggressive denials and complaints of the French authorities exposed the operation in this instance. But it shows included with the media, police and court harassment of Pro independence supporters and politicians, that an escalating British state campaign is on going. This ultimately will lead to arrests and imprisonment of those the British state regards as political enemies. Some Scots now refer to this as the British government "going the full Spanish". It is more typical of British behaviour in Northern Ireland where they went as far as arming protestant terrorist and plotting the murder of lawyers and politicians.

As bad as the Spanish events are the situation in Scotland has the potential to escalate quickly well beyond into violent repression and state sponsored murder. The British government has a long history of this including recently on actual UK territory near to Scotland. With the extremist English nationalist take over of UK politics it seems very likely. Having been conscripted into the Soviet war in Afghanistan then fought on the streets of Vilnius I am experienced in what a government that thinks it is untouchable in willing to do.

It seems though that DW is willing to hand this subject to English journalists who have already demonstrated that their ethnic bias, indeed ethnic prejudice against Scots and Celtic peoples in general. The company has been negligent in not even suspecting those they employ of maintaining links through the state controlled BBC of connections to British intelligence services. They have risked making themselves cuckolds of the British propaganda machine.
Daniel Törnell
This is a great moment of journalism. An agressive journalist who presses issues and an interviewee who stands his position brilliantly.
Por cierto, el entrevistado, además de condenado por la justicia española por corrupción, es particularmente reaccionario y especialmente incopentente.
El problema del poder político español radica fundamentalmente en la idea extremadamente conservadora y autoritaria que éste se hace del poder. Los gobernantes españoles creen que gobernar es imponer, someter, sujetar, por cierto, a la imagen franquista de la España "grande y una", una España "imperial" en la que el "rey" posee fueros e imnunidad absolutos. El rey se asume como incuestionable y los gobernantes, cómplices del mismo, se saben protegidos para ejercer el poder haciendo uso de todas las formas de corrupción. El delito de los catalanes, cuya sociedad es bastante más moderna que la sociedad española, ha sido y es, el haberse rebelado frente a una España perfectamente desfasada por la historia.
Bill Henwood
666 in your. dreams. spaniards in south america killed how many
Werner Pszoniak
Periodista jilipollas.
Nacho Castelo
Stop it you are not the police !🤣🤣
Check this one, that''s a real interview. to J. Borrell on the BBC.
By the way, the trial of catalonian independent process is being casted live on youtube, so everyone can see if Spanish justice is fair :-)
Axel Cross
Borrell is crazy and stupid. In Spain, the Judges no aren't independents.
Borrell is a disgrace.
And it is not true that justice in Spain is independent. It's controlled by the political parties.
Daniel V
A todos los trolls que decís ah p*to alemán, vaya mier*a de periodista, blablabla... 1. El tipo, Tim Sebastian, es inglés, no alemán 2. El tipo ha entrevistado a gente como Bill Clinton, Trump, Jimmy Carter, Desmond Tutu, Gorbachev. Lo típico que entrevista un periodista "parcial, falso, payaso..." Os ciega el odio y la bandera, justo de lo que acusáis a los que no piensan como vosotros. Por cierto, fuera de España, las entrevistas se hacen así: se pregunta lo que interesa y no lo que el entrevistado quiere que le pregunten.
George Hadjor
This foreign minister is a disgrace. if he hasn't got the balls for such an interview, he should resign
Jack Foo
Minister, Josep Borrell, does not know that EU has been hijacked by liberals aka fake Communists who are now aggressively promoting their agenda, too bad for old man Josep Borrell.
Mmar Yuv
I don't know this guest. But how stupid it seems to be. Not only he was unable to answer questions and express his point of view but his lack of self-control makes him look so childish.
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Polònia - Doctor PSOE i Míster Spain's FM Borrell on Catalan detainees: 2 days ago   02:15

Pedro Sánchez (Pep Plaza) i els seus ministres estan indignats amb l'última petició de Quim Torra (Ivan Labanda) i que els tractin com si fossin el govern de Rajoy quan no tenen absolutament res a veure. O sí.