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Ewan Mcgregor On Playing Jesus | Ewan Mcgregor Showing His Light - At Up-Tube.com

Ewan McGregor on Playing Jesus Ewan McGregor showing his light 1 day ago   06:03

Writer-Director Rodrigo Garcia, Tye Sheridan and Ewan McGregor talk "Last Days in the Desert" at the Variety Studio at Sundance.


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Elle R. Apaytor
I enjoyed watching this movie a whole lot. I loved it when Jesus forced the devil to show him the future of the boy using the bowl of water he was holding.
Bianca Ryan
Ewan is better singing and being romantic....
Bianca Ryan
The director has no clue on Jesus.....
Bianca Ryan
The scripture tells another story ....the truth.
Tina Huston
I'm agnostic, although I think Jesus likely did exist, and I loved this movie. I especially loved the ending when they showed contemporary people vacationing where Jesus was and the environment hadn't changed.
"It's over, Satan! I have the high ground!"
I loved this movie! Really delves deep into the conversation about the story of Christ as a real person and his personality.
Benjamin Pozo
Rodrigo Garcia did a good job on this movie, I liked it a lot. Yes of course it is not a true representation of Jesus according to the Bible all the way, I mean, how many movies have been? However he said he was curious "what kind of their Jesus they could find in it (the film), and that to me is an extremely interesting question. Any true believer will understand Garcia means, what part of Jesus do we see in this movie in our own experience.
I definitely see the realistic human struggles against the physical elements, and the emotional elements too. The suffering put in motion picture is incredibly moving and humbling. I know the pain and the suffering Jesus lived out because of what I have read, but seeing it is entirely different. Another thing is the fact that Jesus took the time to stay in this family's life and care about "all the little things" in their family. The devil incessantly mocked God to jesus about caring about all the tiny things in creation yet Jesus cares about the desires and relationships of this family, about the hearts. Jesus's care is visualized once again and that is spectacular to see and not just feel. The Jesus I know was portrayed in this film as the caring Jesus that I know about. As well as the Jesus who understands the suffering of being a man. He was tempted to have power, tempted surely about women and sex, and tempted to not suffer; to avoid it. Jesus submerged himself in suffering, he did not walk away from it. That is what separates him truly as a deity from other gods.
Awesome movie overall, Amazing Job Ewan and Tye Sheridan.
Ewan McGregor's acting chops made the movie work.
Gabriel Plummer
They're equating Satan to Jesus. They're saying essentially Satan is just the unloved and unwanted son of God, and Jesus is the wanted but conflicted son of God. No Jesus never wavered, he fufilled the scripture, and conquered all evil.Satan is the father of all lies, and is nothing and could never be anything close to Jesus.
This movie seems more "gnostic" and occultic in its wisdom (false wisdom) than actually Christian. This was made by an atheist, acted by an atheist, and tried to "humanize" Jesus. He was not human he was God made into the flesh. The fact they even make Satan to look like Jesus is complete blasphemy. They make Jesus seem crazy, paranoid, out of control, lowly, just another being as opposed to the king of all kings, lord of all lords, the perfect lamb of God, redeemer of men. Movies made in Hollywood about Christianity, by atheist will see God from a worldly perspective, not a deserning Christian one.

*There is a way which seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death.
(Proverbs 14:12)
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.(John 3:16)
“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.
(John 14:6)
C Patton
Why would you assume that Jesus could not communicate with his father.
בן דוד
Ewan McGregor was not playing Jesus Christ! He was playing the antichrist! The real Jesus Christ is not a effeminate white man with long brown hair and blue eyes! Once again that false image is of the antichrist! And when the true Son of God returns he is going to destroy the beast and his image right along with every person who worships the beast and his image!
Herbert Munson
Blasphemer. this film is unholy, innacurate propaganda to make the king of kings look weak!
watch passion of the Christ instead.
Harry Paul
And to me and a lot of people Jesus & muhammad are about as real as Iron man & Spongebob. And besides the Bible is clearly designed for personal interpretation & inspiration so film makers have as much right over these texts as Christians.
Harry Paul
Pointing out the film industry will make entertaining & interesting films & take artistic license with christian holy books and christian stories but won't do with Islamic text is not very wise.

Christians should be proud that they are can except this art without violence or chaos. They shouldn't try and bitch for the same ludicrous & ignorant atmosphere to surround their religon.

(Speaking as a Athiest)
Christianity will aways be attacked by those seeking profit
Director Rodrigo Garcia, I suggest that you NOT create a video like this about the life of Mohammad - I'm quite certain you would experience the misfortune of Charlie Hebdo.

Consequently, Christians are much more tolerant than Muslims concerning blaspheming the Holy Scriptures and the character of Jesus Christ.

You won't get my money at the box office or any money from the people whom I persuade to avoid this filth.
I'd like to see a movie about how Hollywood always screws up religious movies...like a religious version of Tropic Thunder
Talon Diwisch
So why do they think Jesus had a hard time connecting to his father, God? Is that in the Bible?
Rubber Ducky
Why is he obsessed with playing lonely sand hobos that are part of a cult?
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Ewan McGregor showing his light Ewan McGregor on Playing Jesus 1 day ago   09:26

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