7 Amazing New Honda Motorcycles For 2019 Honda CB1000R Review - On the Saddle 2 days ago   12:56

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7 Amazing New Honda Motorcycles For 2019

2019 Honda CB 500 F
2019 Honda CMX 500 Rebel
2019 Honda CB 1000 R
2019 Honda CB 300 R
2019 Honda CB 125 R
2019 Honda CB 125 F
2019 Honda CBR 1000 RR SP2

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John Walker
Let me guess, your frist video? P lease stop making video's. You make me sick.
Alfredo Abadilla
Meron po bng automatic nyn
henry ford
28k for special cbr1000..better deal than that triimph 765 daytona..what do they sell for an yhow?
Paul Tomlin
You really need to work on your videography. It's very frustrating to try to see the bikes clearly. Pick good angles to view the bike and linger.
I’d hate to be a passenger on most of them with that ridiculous angle on the seat.😳
Faiz- Al
Kya honda cb 125 r India me ayegi or kb
harpreet lamba
Isse Jada to power Duke 390 me hai
Shenie Cabardilla
Davao area lng mayrOn poh vah ito na unit?...
Shenie Cabardilla
Magkano poh ito na Honda.. Please respect this...
Sepsep Muslih
sudah adakah di indonesia? Ditunggu
Bang Aja
Minta alamatnya atau no hp.mau beli
Karim K
All nice
Honda screwed the pooch when they went w/ an inline four for the CB650F, and not a parallel twin.
Sayed Ali
حلم العمر
Sayed Ali
اوعدنا يارب
Sebastian huzjak
honda cb650 R ? best bike not on list !
Chakravarthi Teralapu
Wonder full bike s
Andrew Hoffman
Saved the best until last!
Kiber- Z
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Honda CB1000R Review - On the Saddle 7 Amazing New Honda Motorcycles For 2019 2 days ago   06:02

Nico finds out that the 2019 Honda CB1000R perfectly blends retro styling with super naked motorcycle performance, creating a new breed of bikes that will cater to those looking for one of the fastest cafe racer inspired bikes in the Philippine market today. Check out his impressions on one of Honda's latest products to hit our shores.

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