Hannity Has MELTDOWN Over Alexandria Bernie & Ocasio-Cortez Shine In Response 2 months ago   09:58

The Young Turks
Sean Hannity had a fit on his show about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich, and Aida Rodriguez, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. JOIN TYT: https://tyt.com/join

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"Sean Hannity is losing it over progressive Democrats’ Green New Deal, a policy proposal that would push the country toward 100 percent renewable energy over about a decade.

He is particularly upset about an idea from freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) to finance the plan by introducing a marginal tax rate of up to 70 percent for the nation’s wealthiest people. Doing so would have dreadful effects on the very rich, Hannity said Tuesday in an at-times nonsensical rant on his radio program.

If wealthy Americans were taxed more ― or, in Hannity’s words, if their wealth were “confiscated” ― “rich people are not going to remodel their homes, they’re not going to build new homes,” he claimed."

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich, Aida Rodriguez

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich, Aida Rodriguez


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The Young Turks
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Omair Sheikh
Holy shit, out of touch is an understatement
I live in Denmark where we have some of the highest tax rates in the world. People here still go out to eat, don't worry.
Shane Sweet
But why should 70% of his remaining $26 million go toward Programs he doesn’t believe in, let alone toward schools that undercut his system of beliefs, and other expenditures and salaries that only stand to make him like this country less? Maybe he’d be fine with the tax rate if he believed in the sum of the taxation expenditures. Just sayin’...
Hannity is an idiot, with a decent tax attorney after right offs it will actually b about 45%
Charlie Reeves
Does anyone else notice, that the commercial's, im forced to watch on YOUTUBE, when im watching a non-concervative ,and or progressive video are allways ...extremly RED-NECK conservative in there theme's. Youtube is a consevative, anti progresive, rather than being neutral as they should be.
Malory Burkhalter
He said the electrician and plumber do BETTER when people spend money. It wasnt talking down on them....there you go word plau
Malory Burkhalter
All of you whiners make people believe you can just order guns online and they show up at your door. Or make people think an AR is an assault rifle (it's not look it up). You guys ALWAYS ALWAYS play with words to make people believe things that arent true and people who arent educated on it just believe it.
Malory Burkhalter
We all pay taxes. Whether you work at McDonalds or at some corporate level job. Why would someone that busts their ass to make a living be punished? I actually agree this is a shit idea.
He needs to buy ANOTHER new car for his collection while you are barely chugging along on your barely-functional, eleven-year-old clunker? LOL!
Michael McArdle
He's so full of shit he makes me Ill
Who is he talking to, morons?
Behram Cooper
The difference is that Hannity is not talking to an intelligent audience.
Patrick Davis
Hannity can eat a flaming bag of shit. It sounds like he needs to start losing his sponsors
Jayson Davis
Most of these people, in spite of their already huge incomes, get additional perks like company paid lunches and dinners. So what other people have to pay out of pocket for, they’re subsidized by their companies.

Ignore the whining, it’s all bullshit.
Mark B
Awwwww...Sean is in looooooove.
Philip Stearn
Looking at that fat bastard Hannity, it strikes me he could do with missing a few meals.
frederick f.
The young Turds... Snowflake crybaby propaganda machine.
Mark Klein
Hannity is disgusting.
Tremaine Hudson
So, are we saying that in his case making the additional 26mil over the 10mil, going home with 7.8mil (because you paid 18.2mil in taxes on that 26m) isnt crazy? currently he would pay about 10mil out of that same 26mil which doesnt seem to fair for everyone else? Why would anyone in his position not raise red flags on that? I dont make that much but that still seems crazy to take less than a third of what you worked for and earned.
Al Olmedo
TYT subscriber because of Ana Kasparian. Not only because of her looks but everything she says makes total sence. I dont think I ever heard anything she said that don't agree on.
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Bernie & Ocasio-Cortez Shine In Response Hannity Has MELTDOWN Over Alexandria 2 months ago   13:06

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