Sundance Film Festival (2014) Denise tanzt 9 months ago   06:30

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Sundance Film Festival (2014) - Alive Inside: A Story Of Music & Memory Featurette - Documentary HD

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John betrayed his life-long best friend Barron, an act that almost put Barron in jail for life. Ten years later, John and Barron meet to talk and reach some type of resolution and forgiveness.

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Music is very power be careful what you choose to listen to
Remember Bliss
They should be gifted bose headphones. There's a whole world inside there.
This is so touching,I cried tears of joy😭😭😭
Sunshine Daydream
I still come back to this video when I need a good soul boost.
This is healing in so many ways..
Pisal Yim
i cried when the video started.
i worked with various disabled adults / dementia patients for ears - i believe music hits something inside you that is beyond other experiences. even someone completely out of touch with their environment, non-verbal or "somewhere else", music touches everyone who can hear it. see how henry can't recognise people or form sentences well, but he remembers the lyrics to the song.
TheJess Ylleg
I have watched this documentary at least 5 times. Every time I cry and my faith in humanity is restored.
TheJess Ylleg
If get to live as long as Henry, I will be listening 50 cent
Feona Lee Jones
I remember playing piano at retirement homes as a kid. I knew playing for the residents brought them joy but I had no idea it was this powerful of an experience.
Bramblecloudd of warrior cats
i had to watch this for school, and i dont regret it.
4:40 when he starts to cry he made me cry ITS TOO CUTE
I come back to this video now and then to "quicken" my own soul. The caregiver's compassion, kindness, and empathy do my heart good. I miss Dr. Sacks though I only new him through media and Henry just makes me smile when he "wakes up".
charlie von arawn
When im old thier gonna have to play death grips, metal and lil uzi. I am the worst
King First
Music is a soul catcher
God this moves me so much. It's all in the eyes-the way they light up u can see that his internal world just light up as well. His spirit is still there, just locked away- then a key is given. wow. Music is life, and yours is a symphony. Best stuff on youtube.
Neverending Bonnie
The love of music is such a powerful connection to life!
Who’s cutting onions
Kahlia Jeanleon
Awwwwwww OMG I feel like crying
Fire Gamer
Hello people I'm from the future hello everyone.
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Denise tanzt Sundance Film Festival (2014) 9 months ago   03:09

Nicht nur Menschen mit Alzheimer oder Demenz hilft Musik. Dieses berührende Beispiel zeigt Denise (leidet an Schizophrenie und starken Depressionen), welche dank ihrer Lieblingsmusik wieder lacht und den Rollator, welchen sie seit Monaten nicht mehr losgelassen hat, in die Ecke stellt!