2 Corvettes Before 25 | What I do for a living One Year of Daily Driving a C7 Stingray 2 months ago   14:20

Cars, Costs and Technology
Have you ever wondered how some people are able to afford their dream car? What type of career path they selected, and how you could do something similar? In this video I'm sharing a complete breakdown from the beginning to the present what jobs allowed me to purchase two different Corvettes before turning 25 years old. Please remember that everyone's situation is different. What has worked for me may not for others and vice versa. I hope you enjoy the video!

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Cars, Costs and Technology
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Thanks for watching 👍
Thanks for sharing and howdy neighbor. Nice to know your in SC. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
So i'm 18, and make around $50k/month (not trying to brag or boast), but I am self employed. Would this be a good purchase? After taxes and whatnot?
Jack Tarasar
I am 67 years old. And, I have made double the $60K that you have said that you have made. It must have taken MUCH more than your income to afford a house (nice house at that) and a new Corvette. Your Wife MUST have had a major part in that, financially. Because at $60K, you would NOT have qualified for an Auto Loan for the Corvette cost, even at BASE level, LIT1 and used. All that said, KUDOS to you for your success, and I wish you continued success.
Monkey Robots Inc.
I thought for sure you paid for these cars with all the ads in your vids.
Monkey Robots Inc.
Lol "god" if only he cared about all the non Vette owners as much as you.
Tom Boyle
I have had both the c6 and c7. The c7 is so much better. The c7 is one of the best cars i have ever had.
Theo Christian
merek apa.wrna apa. tau saya . next ! bener2.... !!!!!
WarmBeer Gaming Dude
Don’t nut in vagina kids, no children + respectable job salary = nice car 😂
SS Sandman
You made me smile when your first and foremost statement was thanking God.

God is great indeed!

Enjoying your videos. Glad I found your channel.
Nc car guy
2:38 best part of the video 🙏
Top10In TheWorld
How do you get married in your 20s ?? Lol
Great, you are a smart young man I admire!
Wllie Bowen
I.plan.on.buying.the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray coupe.w/ Z51 &3LT package. Automatic transmission. Torch Red EXT w/adrenaline Red/black Int.
Los Crozo
yeah I saw a listing as a sales representative for tmobile that paid 90k a year
Bobby O 535
Respect bro 👊🏻! You and your family deserve everything you work for.
D. Jason Ellington
You do an amazing job of informing and entertaining, I thoroughly enjoy your reviews and commentary. At NO time did I ever think you owned more than your Stingray (at once). You never implied any of those cars are yours. People do not read or listen, they skim through almost everything and then formulate a belief or opinion. Best wishes CC&T!
I didn’t ask for a life story, where tf is the title
Stephen Payne
The vid got you a new subscriber. Cheers bud
Daniel Blum
why don't you hide that ugly silver strip on the grill like the rest of us C7 owners?
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One Year of Daily Driving a C7 Stingray 2 Corvettes Before 25 | What I do for a living 2 months ago   14:47

One year of Daily Driving a C7 Stingray. My thoughts on what it is like to daily a corvette, problems, what I would do different, and plans