Jordan Cappella on Design Homes Under The Hammer - Twickenham 7 months ago   15:13

Enrique Otarola
Enrique Otarola interviews Jordan Cappella in Enrique & Friends. Jordan speaks about his beginings in the world of design, how he became who he is today. he also talks about his 5 golden rules of social media, and also advices the new comers of interior design.

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Michael Janke
JordanCappella I like your way of thinking about lifstyle design :)
Lynn Sullivan
Enrique is always so charming :)))
Stephanie Bolland
thanx alot, thats really enjoyable to watch!!
Lara Bauer
dislikebar in this particular clip is like a armed terrorists. you surely must try to beware of it ;-)
Paloma Salinas
i think ur a great internal designer, I like u'r way of thinking and how u explain things!
Thomas Schiebner
i like how this guy is explaining things related to design...
Isaac Sexton
Much respect for this episode!!
Bethany Macias
it doesnt get any better than internal design xDDD
Jan Galea
this is really fine conversation.. please, make some more quick :)
Eva Thurstone
This video should end up featured ytube :p
Keira Kirby
How cool is that?!
Tony Seegal
Cmon, I am sure you guys could easily sit in the train with my iPhone and watch this vid without any break ! Please, do 300 min version :-D
Aaron Libenkiz
truly, Jordan is a handsome designer :)))
Greg Waller
Wishing a joyous season and a year of happy days too all of you!
Abigail Williams
I like designing more & more, day after day :D
Brendon Arthur
recognition for this video. It made me think !
Mario Adretti
it was an inspiring interview! thanks a lot, stunning!
Allan Hogue
how come am I enjoying this clip !?!
Sonia Vega
thx for sharing your knowledge and experience..
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Homes Under The Hammer - Twickenham Jordan Cappella on Design 7 months ago   15:01

Homes under the Hammer - Programme in which experts uncover the tricks of the property auction trade. Episode 36 (series 14) shows a 3 bed mid terrace house in Twickenham, Middlesex, that has been refurbished by us.

Please see below the most interesting parts of the episode showing the house before and after the renovation. This is a great example of the quality of our service. As you can see in the movie the project has met the deadline as well as the budget.

We have done all the works related to renovation. Below we also attach a few words from the owner of this property.