NOFX is bullying 13 year old ginger NOFX: Backstage Passport (Season 2 days ago   04:08

Ivo Evers
And his mom does not mind

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Mike Lopez
Nofx sucks
FullKibbles 7527
Why is the band pissy when kids are there?
A Flick
Because that’s what fuckin NOFX does! Quit being a bunch of pussies.
Tony Gormley
It'd be pretty sweet if bullies just dished out lame jokes and made you laugh.
Michael J
Truly respect all opinions and discussions on YT. I guess the band’s audience are cool with this. Remember how singer Michelle Shocked got shut down at Yoshi’s in San Francisco for going off on people's sexual orientation. Think there’s a fine line between banter, boy’s talk, or otherwise. Musicians do exercise free expression, but one less appropriate comment can change a band’s future overnight...
Mikel Whois
Brian Epstein approves this message..
Same song just change the words accordingly
Cro Magnon
I quit going to NOFX shows because of the children
T RopE
reminds me of that eddie murphy tape lol.
the tim of clubs geaughan
that's just teasing.
Myk Brown
Yeah, I do not think that kid felt bullied. If NOFX messes with me like that at a show, I’d tell everyone about it with pride. You posted this! If you think it hurt him, why would you post it hypocrite. I salute fat mike (.uh oh I said fat). Kick rocks.
Skankerman Studios
I could not find this "Chili Dog" DVD that Fat Mike is referring to. Lol
raoul duke lll
He's drunk, getting drunker and real salty. Normal behavior for Fat Mike. It's NOFX for F's sake.
Mo Ree
I bet that kid lit his blink 182 shirt on fire after this show
Nik Smith
Mike is a fucking legend xD
Rusty S
What i bunch of jerks, ive heard they suck live!
laura lee
That was great, lol.
This isn't bullying
Seth McFarlane
Thats not bullying it's just how they are , if ya don't like it don't come to the concerts
D.P plaster master
That's NOFX 🤣🤣
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NOFX: Backstage Passport (Season NOFX is bullying 13 year old ginger 2 days ago   1:42:02

The full second season of punk rock band NOFX's tour documentary series, Backstage Passport.

Disclaimer: I don't own, nor was I a part in any way of, this documentary. I'm just a fan that wanted to share the love.