How to build a 300mph Koenigsegg Jesko Jeremy Clarkson Mocking and Arguing 10 months ago   22:24

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Let Top Gear Magazine’s Jack Rix take you on a tour of the Koenigsegg factory where they’re building the world’s fastest car, the incredible 1,578bhp, $3million, 300mph Jesko. Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos:

Geneva Motorshow 2019:
Series 25:

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Matthew Hortop
14:45 - save on the paint...that carbon fibre looks so sick!
The camera work needs to up in quality to par with Koeniggsegg...
Bastard GOOSE
Building a Jesko 101
With the man himself
Arjun Khobragade
So this is what a DIY project
gjolaj igli
I want this alien
Richard Atkins
First 300mph production car ??
Nikhil Swami
im gonna get one of these in 20:30. optimistic. 10 years.
Srdjan Jakovljevic
"See theese orange high voltage cables? U don't wanna touch those" (explains by touching them)
wraith xo
5:17 the Geneva motors show it tomorrow the car isnt finished and that dude is just chill and wiping the windscreen
Andrew Wang
Jack: High voltage orange cable *touches the cables*. You probably don't want to touch those. *touches the prongs*
CAG Hotshot
Awesome Hyper Cars by an amazing company with a stupendous build process, but lousy commentator... Top Gear sucks without the old crew... The BBC is run by idiots...
Armando 1 Pain Ortiz
3:20 So the man himself pronounced it with a prominent "J" not "Jy" or "yJ" (yesko)...

3:37 But he does re-pronounce it as "Yesko" to accommodate all the so called experts.
Angel •34 years ago
I don’t like this dude.
عبدالعزيز القحطاني
He is a legend
Steve Miller
How do we get a pair of those Ksegg pants?
Phantom Gang 2004
I know this is a car Channel, and I bet you that none of you people know what that plane actually is, but hearing him say Viggen hurts my soul. It's almost as bad as someone saying hey, look at that beautiful Camaro over there, when it's actually a Trans Am. That is a Saab Draken. YOU HEAR ME; A SAAB DRAKEN!!!!
Mike Seegis
The Next Koenigsegg its Namend Ragnarok 😂
Now THIS is the guy that the automotive world should follow, NOT MusK! Christian is a modern day, much nicer version of Enzo Ferrari. He's is building the stuff of dreams and moving the game forward. All Musk does is taking control over the world's most gullible people and wasting their money. Tesla is trying to portrait themselves as the future of cars, but it's not. Meanwhile what Koenigsegg did all the way back from 2016 is show the world that internal combustion is not done yet and has A LOT more to offer until we master hydrogen fuel cells (cos let's be honest - THIS is the future of transport). Basically they developed the car of today with the campless engines but since it's not fully electric it doesn't matter, right?? This is the right way ahead - removing wight, adding speed and mastering efficiency. Not slowing down, adding wight and making people buy movable laptops, with which we can charge them extra for the software and don't work all that well when it's really cold or hot.
Wayne Miller
The blue and tan is beautiful
Wayne Miller
The Porsche I would argue is probably the faster it is crazy aggressive fast
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Jeremy Clarkson Mocking and Arguing How to build a 300mph Koenigsegg Jesko 10 months ago   08:57

jeremy clarkson talks funny about cars..

watch # 2 @

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Watch and Laugh!!