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Yosemite • Hidden Trail • The Park's | - At Up-Tube.com

Yosemite • HIDDEN TRAIL • The park's 6 months ago   05:46

Zane's World
There's a hidden trail in Yosemite that leads to the most amazing view in the park! John Muir's favorite trail to Sierra Point was concealed from a rock slide in the 1970's, but I'll give you some clues on how to find it.

This isn't necessarily a "secret" trail, as it was once a trail that was maintained by the Sierra Club (founded by John Muir) for Yosemite NPS. After a rock slide, it became too dangerous to get into the trail, but once you climb over the boulders, the trail is fairly evident (although it's more difficult now, because it's not cared for). If you do this hike, make sure you are wearing actual hiking shoes and don't hike alone.

WARNING: The National Park Services advises people to not climb this trail. So, seriously, don't. :)

Music: 5Alarm
Robert Mark Weinstein - LIBRARY OF THE HUMAN SOUL

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During spring it is NOT more "wet" it's still a completely dry trail except gushing water from the falls
just tell me where it is already
Laura Smith
Is this the same as the “rockslide trail”? My bf heard about that one and we are planning on doing it next week
Livia in the house
😁👍 Danke für den schönen Ausblick.
Benjamin Zanolli
Not anymore
you guys are rad
Dave Page
Now here's a channel I'd never subscribe to-too many quick cuts and cussing coupled with idiotic music and bad camera control. Just when I think I've seen millennial levels of stupidity elsewhere, this channel exceeds all expectations. Like usual "like comment subscribe" blah blah blah.
John Sickler
The Geek Monster
A beautiful and courageous hike, but...closed trails are closed for a reason. It's not the job of SAR to swoop in and save people who refuse to follow the rules (which are there for a very good reason). It's fortunate that neither of you got injured, but if you had? You'd have no right to call for help. You broke the rules and put yourselves at risk.
Rocking Rolling
Joka Smoint
Some friends and I hiked this in the middle of the night one time, we took that rock slide path just like you did! One of my buddies didnt even bring a backpack and was just dragging a sleeping bag behind him XD We all slept there and had a great time, amazing spot for sure, If I remember correctly there is a little crows nest near the top that makes a great spot to sleep. That trail is closed off for a reason, it is beyond the trail crews capabilities of restoration.
cool n fruity
every time you frowned I thought of permanent lines you'll have if you keep doing that lmao.
The other fall is Illilouete Falls not Sentinel Falls.
Rj Riggs
pls don't take this personally but you come across as a major idiot....keep up the great work!
Walter Urban
I (61) was there with my daughters (39 & 33) in '17. Got back to find out about rock slides and fires. Time only allowed for so much to hike and view but through your videos, I am inspired to come back and take the trails you took. Thanks for posting. This is an inspirational place for sure. I'm training for my next adventure in CO. Best to you guys!
John Tuttle
Gabby Monjaras
love yosemite i need to go back soon thanks for the amazing upload
Yuki BabaYaga
I was expecting dead by falling or heart attack, so disappointed but thanks for showing me this trail, hopefully there will be still a park to visit in a couple of years if everything didn't get burned to a crisp with all the wildfires.
Mysterious creatures in Yosemite and the forest surrounding the outskirts.
Jackie Hamner
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Yosemite • HIDDEN TRAIL • The park's 6 months ago   11:14

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