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There's a hidden trail in Yosemite that leads to the most amazing view in the park! John Muir's favorite trail to Sierra Point was concealed from a rock slide in the 1970's, but I'll give you some clues on how to find it.

This isn't necessarily a "secret" trail, as it was once a trail that was maintained by the Sierra Club (founded by John Muir) for Yosemite NPS. After a rock slide, it became too dangerous to get into the trail, but once you climb over the boulders, the trail is fairly evident (although it's more difficult now, because it's not cared for). If you do this hike, make sure you are wearing actual hiking shoes and don't hike alone.

WARNING: The National Park Services advises people to not climb this trail. So, seriously, don't. :)

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Robert Mark Weinstein - LIBRARY OF THE HUMAN SOUL

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Me Meme
every time you frowned I thought of permanent lines you'll have if you keep doing that lmao.
The other fall is Illilouete Falls not Sentinel Falls.
Rj Riggs
pls don't take this personally but you come across as a major idiot....keep up the great work!
Walter Urban
I (61) was there with my daughters (39 & 33) in '17. Got back to find out about rock slides and fires. Time only allowed for so much to hike and view but through your videos, I am inspired to come back and take the trails you took. Thanks for posting. This is an inspirational place for sure. I'm training for my next adventure in CO. Best to you guys!
Life is beautiful! 123
I just subscribed!
john Tuttle
Gabby Monjaras
love yosemite i need to go back soon thanks for the amazing upload
Yuki BabaYaga
I was expecting dead by falling or heart attack, so disappointed but thanks for showing me this trail, hopefully there will be still a park to visit in a couple of years if everything didn't get burned to a crisp with all the wildfires.
Mysterious creatures in Yosemite and the forest surrounding the outskirts.
Jackie Hamner
Karl Bastian
You are giving away my Secret Spot! Boooooo :)
Beautiful. Thanks god bless u
Glad I came across your channel. I always liked Three Sheets.
Michæl Gilbert Clements
Don't play with the squirrels
Merry Weed
Lol...if you're gonna fall, let me film it...lol....I needed a good laugh...lol...you are too funny...lol...and love Yosemite. It's so prehistoric like.
Michael Cain
I'll get up there the next time I get out to Yosemite.
Cheryl Cooper
How long did it take you to get back down lol!?
geno mccgeno
Looks like loads of fun.
Chris Bramblett
The ironic part is that you can easily lookup this trail on Wikipedia. It was closed in the 70’s due to a rock slide which appears to be what you have documented. It was John Muir’s favorite view.
Seems like you guys had a fun trip....and great video! Couple of quick pointers:
1. Usually, people don't follow anyone on fall-line on rocky sections. to avoid the rock that you narrowly missed (I mean it narrowly missed you).
2. When dislodges a rock, one is supposed to yell ROCKKK so that if it travels further down, people are braced and prepared for it.

Again great video and SP is awesome!
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Winter In Yosemite Yosemite • HIDDEN TRAIL • The park's 1 day ago   17:03

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