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More Celebrities Impersonating Other | Celebrities Doing Celebrity Impressions - At Up-Tube.com

MORE Celebrities Impersonating Other Celebrities Doing Celebrity Impressions 9 months ago   08:22

The Graham Norton Show
Round 2 of accents, impersonations and impressions. We hope you enjoy it.

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Comments 1656 Comments

Baati Nagawo
Clint Eastwood impressions, give me more
Jaffer Toya
Bradley cooper impersonating Christopher walken anytime any day!
Владислав Борисов
Who's that girl who is sitting between Tom Hanks another good actor?
Manish Amin
Liam neeson is terrrrribbble at impersonations....I probably should have written a will before typing that.
Graham and conan are best.
Krav Magoo
Gemma Arterton's impersonation of a 10-Alarm Fire was spot on. Absolutely SMOKIN'!!! Brava! Brava!
abrianna bell
everyone else: does impersonation
amy adams: conjures demon for 0.5 secs

edit: thank god it was just the mic
Dave World
6:50 best one
Robina Anstey
Seth McFarlane is sooo freaking talented.
Tom Morgan
You just cant be miserable watching this show 😂
Davey Houston
Seth is the goat
نوال العراقية
The best ever 🤣
Seth Macfarlane really does have a talented voice.

Also seems to be a genuine guy.
Marcos Arreguin
I don’t like celebrities, but it’s fun seeing them be themselves ✊🏽
Pratika Singh
Oh Liam
You big goof😂😂😂
Ag Vein
It wasn’t Donald Duck, that was Gollum @5:44 hahaha!!! Nice try, Tom!!!
Painter Ehrlich
Happy to Greet you..
Urszula Gromadzka
Wie rumantisch
Julie Manson
When Seth started blushing while doing the Kermit voice I swear I fell in love
Chorus, Isolate, Confirm
Dude says it's easy to impersonate Chris Walken, then does a bad Chris Walken
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Celebrities Doing Celebrity Impressions MORE Celebrities Impersonating Other 9 months ago   10:25

Celebs are obviously crazy talented at their craft -- whether it's through their music, movies or television -- but it's always mind-blowing (and hilarious) when they can do an uncanny impression of a fellow celeb. That's a whole other level of talent, if you ask us. Forget moving dramas or emotional songs that tug at your heartstrings and make you yearn for something more from life -- it's those on-point impressions that are really top-tier.
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