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On The Touchline: Liverpool's Heroes & The Champions | Inside Madrid: Final Champions - At Up-Tube.com

On The Touchline: Liverpool's heroes & the Champions Inside Madrid: Final Champions 1 day ago   33:42

Now that the dust has settled, two-time Champions League winner Mourinho revealed to RT on his show ‘On the Touchline with Jose Mourinho’ just who he would pick as the cream of the crop from the tournament.

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Comments 595 Comments

Mehran Anjum
Lets make it short
“Jose you are love”
Dermot O'Malley
Not a Scouser but it was a penalty.
Fizzy Pop
When Jose Mourinho talks you listen.
Qori Daulay
this man Jose Mourinho does pundit better than sky sport and espn fc.

imagine Ale Moreno at espn talking about kane start las mont.
Flying Fish
Numero uno football pundit, without any doubt
Bren R
Great pundit . slightly overrated manger
"Van Dijk. Why not defender?" 28:00
"...would be saying Kane has to play, even with one leg".
I would have started Moura, telling him to run his heart out, because Kane will be subbed in. But I respect Poch's ability to make the right call here, more than my own.
Soso Mama
I’m so glad he’s not leaving management. I honestly thought that he had lost it; but he just had bad players. Keen to see what his next project is.
Andy and Trent: "For me, phenomenal, phenomenal players."
Sid Cannon
Don't give them a 3 week break, 2 weeks is more than enough ...
Sid Cannon
Not a memorable final, but Bayern away and especially Barcelona at home were very memorable. People won't look back at this as a crap final, they'll just look at it as Liverpool won it for a 6th time. I feel really sorry for Ajax because they knocked out Real Madrid & Juventus, before losing to Spurs ... That's Football ...
Van dijk is a king
Jahid Azad
Big thanks to RT for creating a show which was very enlightening. You chose to bring the right person and a very insightful person. The structure and the way you let him talk was brilliant. Looking for next series. Next season. Thanks José for your brilliant analysis, this shows why you are a top top manager, you visualize every bit and you are a gift to football.
Al Sendoh
Beliau seorang yang sangat baik bila di luar padang.. semoga Mourinho bertambah luas rezeki di sana.
Jose trying to lap himself up in Liverpool`s shine whenever he gets the chance to rehabilitate his image in England. We still remember how he always picked on Kloppo while at United and the press was not having it. He has learnt not to badmouth Kloppo as the media like Kloppo.
Shrivatsan K Chari
Mourinho making russian friends hmm
John Morland
Big respect to Jose Mourinho a great manager and a good man from a scouse liverpool fan .
rob peake
His biggest regret is he will never be Liverpool manager
Aytida Eraknam
21:26 Beautiful bitches, beautiful weather :P
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Inside Madrid: Final Champions On The Touchline: Liverpool's heroes & the Champions 1 day ago   10:13

Watch as the Liverpool squad depart from Liverpool and arrive in Madrid ahead of the Champions League final against Tottenham Hotspur at Estadio Metropolitano.

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