Mike D'Antoni is in a 'world of trouble,' 'The optics didn't look 3 months ago   06:53

Stephen A. Smith says he would not be surprised if Houston Rockets head coach Mike D'Antoni is replaced after losing to the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference semifinals.

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Cornell Melton
MDA will be fired watch Tillman ain't playing around he wants to win .
one of the situations where you can say it's not always about talent and athleticism. the mike dantoni playbook thrives and becomes seemingly unstoppable when it's facilitated by and ran through a team first pass first not thinking about mvp stats type of player. melo and harden both exponentially more athletic than lin and nash. sure melo and harden had wins and playoff runs but ego stifles the whole thing. watch how steve nash and jeremy lin made guys like steven hunter tim thomas Qrich landry fields shumpert look like solid contributors.
Hahahaha daing “Choke City!!” 😂😂💀💀 wow
Aliyas Sime
Trust me James Harden is not going to win championship
YVSN Productions
LeBron would have kicked they ass last year
Elvia Giron
1 nomaje nada 2 hablan crisises por que cómo hombres no son honesto con la verdad por que yo se lo dise por orillarme pues se equivoca por que aquí estoy hasta la voluntad de mí padre Jehová y con. Su infinito amoooooo lo testificó con el poder de Jehová amén
austin clark
You Mike D, your brand of basketball dont work. It cant wom a championship. It's the socialism of basketball. Free stuff sounds awesome but eventually gotta play defense.
Hobro Ho
Tillman didn’t want the rockets to get in the luxury tax, how is the rockets going to be able to compete if the owner isn’t going to spend?
Vine Labratories
He resembles rob Parker in his mannerisms at the beginning of the video when he explains “no ones told [him] that”
The Fantabulous JalaPeña
Thibs joining golden state
OK I need to say it....stephen ASSHOLE smith ONCE just ONCE claim a BLACK coach should be fired...Update stephen ASSHOLE smith has reported 94 WHITE coaches should be fired YET has never EVER claimed a BLACK coach should be fired...The BIGGEST white hater EVERRRRRR
He needs to get rid of The coach, please. Where ever he was, he always fell short. Getting rid of Carmelo, dumbest shit ever. They could have used a pure shooter of the bench. GET RID OF HIS ASS...
Rockets became a competitor because of Mike D'Antoni. No other previous coaches have bought Rockets to this level.
Kerject Roter
Frist of all Huston Rockets should fire Chris Paul,why. Chirs Paul is not man enough to be any NBA team period. Secound we are sick of Chirs Paul this Chirs Paul.
lorena clamana
Stephanie A Smith is silly B. Houston with the Talent they have never should have gotten this far. 2 seasons in a row they pushed the defending champs to their limit with this unorthodox type of play. Could they have won the game? yes. Should they have even been this far? hell no. The Rockets are over achievers. They are a volkswagen, in a race with Porches
Phenom AL
Max is the biggest Jew outta them all mhn
danny dodds
Just thought of this, where do the rockets go... Jamal Crawford. Think about Jamal in a system where he is either isoing, or shooting a open 3. He may play at, or slightly above the talent level he had at his prime due to such a good fit, and him actually not being that far away from that time. Think about it makes sense, even played with Chris Paul before. Even kawhi can’t stop that crossover think about the freedom to just get buckets... again due to fit probably even in the starting lineup.
I'm not a Mike D'Antoni fan but who else has really threatened GS with KD. Lets be real the Rockets have to be on fire and the GS have to play like shit for the Rockets to win. Its a dynasty team that denies good or great teams championship. It has occurred throughout history of sports. You bring in another coach they are just going to end up being a middle of the pack team or even worse. You can't build a team that good defensively that can stop a team like GS that's firing on all cylinders and on top of that you have to outscore them. You just play your game and just pray they miss. Make them work for it but even then they are eventually going to get open. Then you are just going to have to deal with they can hit shots with people in their face. The narrative will be that Mike D'Antoni can't get it done in the playoffs but who all has he lost too. Lets look at the Suns team and see how a dumb rule had people suspended against the Spurs that hurt them in series. If they hire Mark Jackson or any other coach they won't be better then this team. Everybody is waiting for GS to break up. That's all you can do. Iggy and Draymond played like shit all year but look at them now. They have virtually no bench and it doesn't matter. If you lose your job because you lost to GS then your job wasn't secure to begin with.
keath gordon
With the way the rockets looked this season with harden and Paul its not happening,they need speed, urgency and harden as a franchise player lack the killer instinct like KD or LeBron he don't have the pedigree of a champion
Replace him or keep him they're not beating the Warriors
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'The optics didn't look Mike D'Antoni is in a 'world of trouble,' 3 months ago   05:57

Stephen A. Smith explains that Jason Kidd's spotty past and infamous reputation for usurping power made it difficult for the Los Angeles Lakers to hire him as their head coach.

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