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Team Driver's Battle - Team | I Bought A Raptor At Auction With - At Up-Tube.com

TEAM Driver's Battle - Team I Bought A Raptor at Auction with 7 months ago   37:09

Cleetus McFarland
Just some good old competition with the Boostedboiz!
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Comments 2686 Comments

Cleetus McFarland
Here’s the new shirts! https://cleetusmcfarland.com/product/hellyeahbrother/
4.6 Ford Cumstain
Lord Hemiram Of Mopar
Cleetus your shift face is priceless, I've never seen it until this video, you always where a helmet but I knew you made a funny face Because of the eyes
Do a 5.4 4v swap please
People hate on the stang but everyone will want that style in 10-25 years and they be 10k a piece.
Try and find a nice notch these days for a good price.
Dave Miller
I love the eagles in the 1-2 shift I'm still laughing
Mike Baz
Cleet's face when he shifts
extended range techmetal
vs boostedboiz/pfi
Chris Townsend
You can clearly tune a car so why no lockout????? You should try one!!!💯🔨🏈🎼👍🏻🍀💡❤️🙏🛒
Brandon B
Coopers face was fucking hilarious!!! Breathe dude!!
Mitchell Boreham
I have never noticed cleetus face when he shifts
Dusty Phillipchuk
You should leave the Crown Vic how it is it looks awesome
Delfin Monahan
My automatic rsx can outrun that mustang
Kevin Tucker
On the down low Cooper really says the funniest shit ever. I like his sense of humor!
Kevin Tucker
Emelios bald eagle 1-2 shift made me laugh hard. Man y’all have too much fun!!
Off-road Outlaws Addict
Cook. Bacon on Leroy’s exhaust
Off-road Outlaws Addict
Leroy vs the hatch
Off-road Outlaws Addict
Loved watching this entire episode thanks!
Travis Miller
haahaha Cleetus' shift face in the mustang is fuckin priceless!!! he looks absolutely terrified! lol :p
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I Bought A Raptor at Auction with TEAM Driver's Battle - Team 7 months ago   15:46

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