Antonov An-225: ride a colossus ANTONOV AN-22 - The BIGGEST PROPELLER 5 months ago   20:48

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The Antonov An-225 is the world's biggest airplane. A colossus - developed in the Soviet Union to carry the Buran Space shuttle. Today it carries other giants such a turbine from Prague, Czech Republic, to a refinery in Perth, Australia ASAP. On board: the crew of Ukrainian Antonov Airlines. And DW reporter Grit Hofmann. Join trip!
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G Hall
And he has every right to to be proud of his plane. This thing is awesome. I love seeing all those analog gauges, rather than those , no personality digital screens.
Kusal Gunasekera
The scene at 19:04 is a brilliant shot, overall this is a great documentary. Well done!
If the Antonov An-225 was used by Ukraine to drop bombs. Would Russia shoot it down?
Yellowish Smiley
Thanks Youtube
Horton Wilson
plane was made by Rusev...
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Road Racer
I'd like to sneak off into the cargo hold and do a quickie with that blonde!
Nigel Maccuver
Do Australians TRUST Ukrainian aviation to transport the generator. What a rubbish dumb question 🤮😂😂😂
Nice video but the commentator is extremely annoying.
Ted Knecht
Loading must be pretty technical. That load would need to be right on the CG of the plane.
Liberty Patriot
Boizemoi...! Good luck and many more safe flying years !
4:49 - is that the normal gear retraction sequence? Seems very unusual that the front BLGs stay deployed for so long
“My fans my fans my fans”
Gary Johnson
Its Russian, it doesn't have to be beautiful or hi-tech. It just has to complete its job. Comfort? Nyet!!
Robert Miller
Go the Ukrainians! Stuff Vlad the devil Putin and his little green men! The Ukraine is the smart part of the evil empire called the USSR.
Later, the pilot was poisoned for complaining about Putin.
Kevin Kirk
I got to see this magnificent aircraft while I was working in Saudi Arabia a few years ago. What a sight! The runway was 150 feet wide and the outboard engines (1 and 6) were beyond the edges. A colleague and I watched it land and then take off a few hours later. Absolutely amazing to see!
Eric Lathouse
Very good video and informative 😁😎
Mike Geisen
These actors are full of Lies! I say no jet fuel at all, maybe nitrogen from the air, but no jet fuel, yea?
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ANTONOV AN-22 - The BIGGEST PROPELLER Antonov An-225: ride a colossus 5 months ago   04:33

After 15 years I finally managed to film the biggest propeller plane in the world - the Antonov AN-22. I am always looking for special, original and rare planes and the Antonov 22 is for sure one of the most unique airplanes I have ever seen. UR-09307 is the only civilian Antonov 22 worldwide and it was broken for almost seven years. Last year it returned to the skies but it was still very hard for me to film it. It showed up at Leipzig a few times but it` s not easy to film at Leipzig and I have to drive five hours to get here.

I filmed this Antonov last friday at Oostende (Belgium). Had to drive four hours to get there but it was definitly worth it. You never know when you get the chance to film it again and the video opportunities at Oostende are perfect. The only negative aspect about Oostende is that I have to drive through Antwerpen to get there. Men, that Autobahn ring is a catastrophy. I am always stuck in a traffic jam over there :D ... .

I hope you liked this unique Antonov video and see you next time.