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The Antonov An-225 is the world's biggest airplane. A colossus - developed in the Soviet Union to carry the Buran Space shuttle. Today it carries other giants such a turbine from Prague, Czech Republic, to a refinery in Perth, Australia ASAP. On board: the crew of Ukrainian Antonov Airlines. And DW reporter Grit Hofmann. Join trip!
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An-225 belongs to Ukraine! Ukraine has the biggest aircraft in the world whilst Russian Pederation doesn't have. It's main fact.
Hmmmm, no other plane could lift this 117 metric ton generator but a C-5 can lift 2 Abrams tanks at 62 metric tons each.
pradhuman rehal
Its showing its Age though.
George Samaras
This plane is as big as the australian kwh cost. Lol. Vitalic stress level must be over the charts. And what about that backwards airport requiring the crew to wait in line with the rest of the people.
Jay Dirt
I like her bum. She can sit on my face all day long. 🤗👍
Fabulous video! Unique! Fascinating!
Thank you for a great video.
Carlos A. Garcia
Excellent documentary...  Thank you....
garlic pepper
oh come on! how could you not include clip of the plane taking off from the ground, its literally the most magical moment this plane has to show
Henk Williem Adriannus van der Napier
A magnificent beast...
Vadym Ivanchenko
The airframe of Mrya had been designed and built in Kiev, Ukraine. You don’t need to procure a lot of parts for this because 99 % of the airframe is aluminum alloys, rivets and welding.

The engines had been designed and made in Kharkiv, Ukraine (.

Landing gear had been designed and made in Kiev.

No other part manufacturer can claim that he built the actual plain.

Control relay or radar manufacturers who might be Russian cannot claim that they designed and built the actual plane, which would be laughable.

There had been 3 Chief Engineers who were in charge of the plane development process Balabuev, Vovnianko and Tolmachev. All of them had been educated in Ukrainian universities and all of them lived in Ukraine. Two of them were Ukrainian born, and only one of them was born in Russia. Almost all engineers who took part in the design and manufacturing process graduated From Kharkiv Aviation Institute in Ukraine.

True, Antonov was a Russian national, but Antonov didn't take part in development of any of the planes that made his name famous (Ruslan, Mrya). The name was made famous by Ukrainians actually. Not a single plane worth mentioning had been designed in the bureau before it had been relocated to Ukraine in the 50s, that is long before Mrya and Ruslan had been conceived.

The plain is definitely Ukrainian. Trying to dispute this is simply stupid.

Also, the USSR was not a country, it was a union, as its name directly implies.
Renato Dollente
This is a antonov an 225 myra
You mad Bro
Another American design stolen by the commies.
Matt Johnson
9:05 Why is there an AmericaWest logo in the cargo hold??
Damn Kuala Lumpur tower..
Luna Azule
Those engineers were genius at aerodynamic figuration but bad at business sense.
Buuraha calmadow
Very good doc
Anybody know the name of the reporter who was in this video ....??
Nigel Maccuver
I don’t understand when it had takeoff from India and landed in Malaysia?😕😕
Ashis Mandal
The noise of the engines screaming to pull the humongous load is music to my ears!!
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ANTONOV AN-22 - The BIGGEST PROPELLER Antonov An-225: ride a colossus 1 month ago   04:33

After 15 years I finally managed to film the biggest propeller plane in the world - the Antonov AN-22. I am always looking for special, original and rare planes and the Antonov 22 is for sure one of the most unique airplanes I have ever seen. UR-09307 is the only civilian Antonov 22 worldwide and it was broken for almost seven years. Last year it returned to the skies but it was still very hard for me to film it. It showed up at Leipzig a few times but it` s not easy to film at Leipzig and I have to drive five hours to get here.

I filmed this Antonov last friday at Oostende (Belgium). Had to drive four hours to get there but it was definitly worth it. You never know when you get the chance to film it again and the video opportunities at Oostende are perfect. The only negative aspect about Oostende is that I have to drive through Antwerpen to get there. Men, that Autobahn ring is a catastrophy. I am always stuck in a traffic jam over there :D ... .

I hope you liked this unique Antonov video and see you next time.