How to Protect Yourself From Webcam Secret Antigravity Technology That 4 weeks ago   06:18

Wall Street Journal
Should you cover your webcam? WSJ's Joanna Stern asked an ethical hacker to get into as many of her webcams as he could. In the process, she identified important tips for being safer online. Photo: Natalia V. Osipova/The Wall Street Journal.

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Trent Clark
3:35 he plays ROBLOX?!
Zahid Ghadri
*plays ROBLOX in the background* 3:38
Gabriel Sagala
activate microsoft office first 1:58
the guy that is hacking her at 0:36 looks really creepy to me
Blu Delphinium
This isn’t realistic. They should have done this with someone who had no idea bc the average person would respond to the ‘warnings’ and wouldn’t download nonsense from an email they didn’t know.
first of all, USA must stop monitoring people.
just put a sticky note with tape and dont watch the vid

thanks for tips anyway....
Iswara Pranidhana
this is obviously user issue, NOT the mechine.
Buy thinkpad
Angel Campoverde
This video is deeply idiotic, if you give an untrusted document/program all those permissions, despite all the warnings of the OS, of course bad stuff is going to happen.
How about blocking audio recording?
Yuxin Chen
Simply buy a Butdefender Total security. If you were that foolish to open an exe from non-credited netowrk, you need best antivirus software to prevent such things happen. Besides, if you do not use camera at all or very rarely, you can simply switch it off in BIOS. Nobody could touch it.
Blue 203
So lame; you had to disable all your security and ignore all the warnings for this to work! LAME
None of this is actually helpful. Both Windows and Mac have protections against it by default. You have to opt out of a lot of the stuff just for it to work
Adriano Condorelli
Saumitra Chakravarty
It's easy! Just put an opaque tape over the webcam lens. Personally I prefer band aid because it spares the lens from adhesive contact .
*Mark Z did it first*
*Snowden was right.*
Rifat Hossain
how do i know if someone is spying on my device
IMHO, your #2 should be #1.
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Secret Antigravity Technology That How to Protect Yourself From Webcam 4 weeks ago   28:57

Secretly developed antigravity technology existed many decades before we are lead to believe, what happened to this mysterious technology? German engineers created the world’s first flying saucers using information gleaned from ancient manuscripts, channeled information and possibly with the assistance of extraterrestrial beings.

Despite these superior advances in technology, the German government surrendered. Meanwhile, the keepers of this secret technology fled to Antarctica. The series of events which would unfold from this action would pave the way for the establishment of a national security state and give new grounds for the German scientists to continue building out a secret space program.

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