Neglected Chevelle SS396 Found MYSTERY LS6 SS454 1970 CHEVELLE 2 days ago   08:28

Patrick Glenn Nichols Musclecar Barn Finds
One owner 1966 Chevelle SS396 Artesian Turquoise found parked beside a house in plain view on a main highway. The car isn’t for sale.

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Tony Stark
For whatever reason he can't afford a car cover , I will get him a water proof Seal Car Cover. No one should judge this person, if he wants to let it set there he can do that it's his car.
gary miller
" FOR SALE ? ? "
trillrif axegrindor
it isn't neglected either,this amount of debris from surrounding trees would fall in less than 1 month
Jim Hall
The guy needs to get it out of the sun- it will cook the paint and the interior
it won't look beautiful much longer !!
Wayne Oakley
I've got a 68 3 4 ton camper special all original.318 and a 78 Z28 with a 454 with about 600 HP will trade for a 67 ss Chevelle
I'm beside myself ❣️👍
Gabriel Giron
It looks real good the year I was born 😇🇺🇸
Waiting for the motor to seize up? Prep the motor before starting it,air up the tires, and park it inside covered. Some people..
Bought a 66 396 ss 4spd in Chateau Silver with a black vinyl top for 1200.00 bucks in 1998. Car had been apart since 1976. Not a single dent or any rust whatsoever, plus it was custom ordered with several options ! The guy who sold it to me obviously needed money for Meth from what i could tell. Then i had to sell it 2 years later because i had to move and i had no room for it. Sold it for 2800 which i thought was great since i doubled my money. A few years later i wanted to buy it back but i lost the buyers info and i can't even try to locate it because i had lost the bill of sale. I will regret selling it till the day i die !
Mike Brown
So, the original owner was the guys mom? She sounds like my kind of woman! Too bad I was born in 68, in NW Ohio instead of in the 40s in middle Tennessee lol! Even with the 'Glide, I'd bet the guy has some awesome stories about riding with mom in her big block Chevelle! It's obviously had a few mods (I'm guessing sometime in the 80's) done over the years, judging by the H.E.I. distributor, aftermarket air cleaner etc, but why not? Back in the day, these were just old cars with pretty much no value. I do hope that it at least gets put inside. Even one of those Harbor Freight "portable garage" things would give it some protection.
Sinn walker
Wow wow wow.... brother I cant tell you how much I appreciate your channel
demonchild 74
It doesn't look too neglected to me. It just looks like he went to drive it and realized it had a flat tyre. My cars get leaves everywhere because the only place I can park them is near trees
Austin Whiteside
For as valuable of a car this is why wouldn’t one build a car port or rent a storage locker.
At first glance, the car doesn't appear to be neglected! Is there a reason the owner stopped driving it and doesn't drive it today?
Jim Binkley
I drive by this car every Sunday going to my Mom's.
william straughan
i bought a new 1972 nova 3 speed bucket seats pin stripes chrome value covers mag wheels all for $103.00 a month for 3 years payed down $300.00 Chopper1995
I’ve been around this car sence I was little bitty I’m a very good family friend of the family and we’re all upset that this car has set it set in that garage under a cover and it was so beautiful we all as kids drolled over this car this car isn’t for sale and never will be for sale it’s a great and beautiful car
GREG Torchia
I’ve bet low gear would wind up to about 110mph
Had same car, same color, same interior, 396/325 with powerglide. 12 bolt rear 336 gears. Bought it in 1976 for 500 bucks
Major Payne
👍Good stuff👍 you would have a field day in Pennsylvania at my father-in-law‘s garage! He’s approaching 80 years old and I’m gonna have a hell of a time sorting everything out from GTX to GSX. Hoping it’s not in the near future!
Thanks for posting👍🍺✌️
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MYSTERY LS6 SS454 1970 CHEVELLE Neglected Chevelle SS396 Found 2 days ago   10:56

KING OF THE MUSCLE CARS FOUND RUSTING AWAY IN THE WOODS!!! I found this 1970 Chevelle SS454 LS6 rotting away totally intact in the woods in rural Tennessee. The car appears to have been driven to this spot and abandoned over 30 years.