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Diario Twilight

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mf rmd
Good for kristen for having jodie foster's influence and mentor
right spyder
they look like sisters
siddharth nagar
Jodie Foster is a role model for everyone not just women but men as well, a living legend
siddharth nagar
I never get the hate she got during twilight period, she is a genuinely introverted and socially awkward person, deal with it
Cande Blandi
Jodie's face while Kristen's talking. Awwww love them so much ❤️❤️❤️
Sweet Upon
Aww that's so adorable 😍
Gillian Landry
What a touching and genuine tribute. I feel like these two are kindred spirits
Beautiful speech, Miss Stewart! 👏🏻
Aliano Fann
First she dated her co-star in Twightlight and got all the attention she needed to boost her career. Then she fucked the married director (with 2 kids) and got the big role. then it was exposed, boyfriend left, the director stayed away, nobody likes a home-wrecker. And conveniently, after she annouced she's a lesbian, she's hanging out with one of the most powerful lesbian in hollywood. Very tricky!
Ombligo Dehierro
ya estaaa coopero para hacer la movie de estas cabroncitas..!!!
dzulkafley samad
its a typical scenario, if a chick does it, its justifiable in some way etc etc but if its the guy...well you know how that gonna turn out.
Gabriella DePaula
That was actually a very nice speech. And very sweet as well.. :)
Gloria Lu
Hi, I am a Chinese fan of Kristen who is running a Weibo account. Could I use your video and translate it into Chinese and share it to Chinese fans? I will indicate the source.I would appreciate your allowing.Thank you so much!❤
sandra alphonse
i hope kirsten gets back into the moves shes great sandy
In the middle of the street?
Carilina Dior
John Doe
awe that was so sweet :)
Das interessiert sowiso niemanden wenn ich hier was schreibe
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