Last To Remove Hand Wins STOLEN CAR PRANK ON BOYFRIEND | *Freaks 6 months ago   17:51

Sam Golbach
I recreated Mr Beast's challenge "Last To Remove Hand Wins a Lamborghini" to surprise my best friend Colby Brock for his birthday!

Shoutout to @777Exotics for helping with the car!
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Sam Golbach
Idk what Corey was holding during the happy birthday but... nvm. Hope you all enjoyed this video! and go tell colby happy late birthday if you haven't already ;)
Lil’ Gacha Liv
It says lamberginne and farrarie XD
pink tea
Love the outro song
Flower the fallen angel
Every other day vlogs
im still scared to ever get in a car with colby
Sara Bush - LeClain
Technically Zoey 101 started it 🤣🤣🤣
Uriah Stockton
Jeremias Alvarez
Jake's random fact I woke up with two new tattoos.
MJ Forever
I love their friendship. I wish i had a friendship like them. They are so happy when they are with each other. Love all of you💕💕
Pola Kusnierz
“Wait who’s birthday is it” -jake 😂
Kenzie Bee
458 italia
Emilee Puckett
Sam: it looks pretty sexy. I wanna touch it a little bit."

Bryleigh Templos
Colby’s birthday is 8 days before my birthday..

Happy very late birthday Colby!!!
hi mr beast
Death Smith
Wait so does colby actually get to keep it or is actually a rental
galaxyfox prodotions
Oh dang...
Mrbeast: how dare u steal my idea 😅
Sam: I’m inspired
Colby does the same thing but doesn’t shout him out

Steals jakes and Corey’s idea too:

it’s Colby’s birthday so... he has to win lol I hope he buys it thoooo...

shows ferrari: wow it’s adi fishmans outro music lol
what if Colby drove to the dollar store in Corey's Gucci headband and yeezis, and in a Ferrari
10:58 I literally watch that video everyday and always laugh at the same thing even though I know wbats gonna happen 😂 its just too funny
And yes Sam you got pushed off first
Jordan Darling
Hey jake, don’t make fun of the corolla. Not cool.
*goes and hugs my corolla because it’s feelings are hurt*
Jade Kuehn
Lol Aaron trying to get kat to remove her hand by yelling, “BEE FUCK SHIT FUCK-“

I love them too much 😂
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STOLEN CAR PRANK ON BOYFRIEND | *Freaks Last To Remove Hand Wins 6 months ago   11:36

My girlfriend decided to steal my car for a prank.. didn't capture all of it but this is what I got... Revenge Prank in the future?? ;)

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