Last To Remove Hand Wins STOLEN CAR PRANK ON BOYFRIEND | *Freaks 3 weeks ago   17:51

Sam Golbach
I recreated Mr Beast's challenge "Last To Remove Hand Wins a Lamborghini" to surprise my best friend Colby Brock for his birthday!

Shoutout to @777Exotics for helping with the car!
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Sam Golbach
Idk what Corey was holding during the happy birthday but... nvm. Hope you all enjoyed this video! and go tell colby happy late birthday if you haven't already ;)
Ashli Blasingame
If you get pulled over say Taco Bell closes in 30 min
Nerf Bastion
You should make a collab with mr. beast
Andrew Fleisher
Where is Colby Brock he's not posting a video right now
Shayla Wymer
“ sorry I go by microwave seconds “ 😜
Ashley Garcia
No Corey’s were harmed in this vid
mia raye
aaron cussing honestly makes my day sm better💀
Georgia #Yas
13:53 what was Kat and Corey saying/laughing about??
John Cassity
That Ferrari is def a rental
unicornskys vlogs
Hold on 20,000 million seconds why the heck did I go to jail for trespassing they should’ve went to jail for speeding LOL it’s a joke don’t come at me………lol
KatrinaYT7 MC
Mr. Beast in a nutshell
Ariana Star
little did he know sam and coooooolby geeeeet arrressted
meesam syed
2:28 When I just wake up

Lol 😂
Śäd Bòī
Brenda Morales
Happy late birthday Colby 🎂 love you and Sam and the roommates
honestly this video made me so happy omg thank you so much
JOkes on you guys because I'm listening to this video using AirPods! Heh Heh... I don't have a Lambo tho.
Jesus Duarte
Julia Dauphinet
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STOLEN CAR PRANK ON BOYFRIEND | *Freaks Last To Remove Hand Wins 3 weeks ago   11:36

My girlfriend decided to steal my car for a prank.. didn't capture all of it but this is what I got... Revenge Prank in the future?? ;)

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