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Ever wonder what it's like to be a Techer? Let Karsyn and Harrison tell you about our fun, quirky culture, and then learn more about Caltech undergraduate student life here:

Watch all five student tour videos here:

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Carson Dial
Caltech seems like a fun place.
Kira Shaw
Lol I just got into Caltech but this looks fucking stupid. God everyone’s gonna hate me for turning down number one 😂
Vijay Rana
3:06 The glee club ? like they gonn have a club dedicated to a tv show. take yo ass to oshack-hanaisy office?
Nishant Sawant
Could they be more nerdy?
Anirudha Dey
i want to going caltech
Anirudha Dey
caltech is very cool
Mous Mohamed
Yes very nice
An elite school; the best of the best go there. Those kids are designing our future.
Mark Sconce
Wow. I am so happy I'm not associated with CalTech. Apparently it's for kids not for people interested in learning which you know might be like people in their 30s and up too you know. Because it looks like the cultural activities are geared for kids and silly kids at that. There is a current newsletter at a top 20 math school that brags about having the most diverse faculty of any American University - 20% female (one not biologically so) - and in the same breath pat themselves on the back for "not having anyone over 60!" on the faculty. Yay! Gotta love it.
its really tough to get there
Dallas Nolen
all that brain power and they didn't think to run the dolly backwards so the speakers could walk like normal humans? this school is great tho 9/10
An all male a capella group called the ketones?? That's flipping hilarious!🤣
Chris Allen
friggin nerds, amirite?
Mimi Likes Tumblr
I think he actually scared her
It's a miracle they didn't run into anything, walking backward like that.
I have to do a project about Caltech for school; at first, I wasn't interested in doing it at all; now, I feel grateful I got Caltech as the college I have to a project on. 
Minokawa Anon
In this "AGE" banging a GEEK CHICK is the Way to go.
one day I will be there
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How to Get into MIT Caltech Culture 3 months ago   09:08

Some advice from a junior at MIT on how to maximize your odds at getting admitted.

How to Graduate from MIT: