Signet CEO Says Fourth Round China's ambassador to Canada leaving 4 months ago   05:45

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Jun.06 -- Gina Drosos, Signet Jewelers chief executive officer, discusses the impact of global trade tensions and Brexit on the company's earnings with Bloomberg's Scarlet Fu and Caroline Hyde on "Bloomberg Markets: The Close."

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Gary Huang
So iPhones will be cheaper in China than in US? What the heck!
Manufacture in the cheapest market sell in the most expensive. All their products are questionable quality. Remember all that glitters is not gold.
zhuyi xi
china telecom 1400 minutes cellphone+100 minutes fixed phone+ 4GB data+ Internet unlimited data+300 channel TV=5.6 usd dollars/month, same level service in US should be 200~400 usd, such GDP winner is useless, whole infrastruction of US lag to China 200 years now, US led by a group of old man want to compete China and protect their lagged industries
zhuyi xi
Germany background racist Trump led US will bring bright future for China same as Vietnam kids
Peter Wang
USA seemed run by a bunch of drug junkies and snake oil salesmen.
Peng Fu
Guess the dead farmers whom killed themselves during the first and second waves of tariff do not really matter huh?
Tai Chilo
How shameless can Blomberg be ad in the background
Ningcheng Shu
Real advertisement for Signet Jewelers.
Haha MissMiss
Reseller in America will raise prices. When the tariffs are lifted...guess What? Americans Will still be paying more.
Colin Tan
Trumpeter is angry that US companies made too easy money by their Made in China strategy.
Times of BE
Trump wants to go back to good old days of exploiting other countries. That's what colonialism was exporting raw materials from colonies and importing finished goods from colonisers countries.
Reprogramming Mind
Keep the trash in China,.
As the other asian countries replaces China they can demand more cut in your profit
Ben Louis
Y don't just move back US? Your dearest leader should give your company warm welcome.
Jeff C
we need to support our country, USA
walou e
America surprise by Chinese resilient.. finally find their match. :)
Jim Jackle
Notice she never said anything about manufacturing her things in the US? These companies want to sell their things in the US, but they don't want to help give the American worker a job. I hope Trump leaves the tariffs on China and I also hope he puts tariffs on the other countries that she talked about having her things made in. You either make your things in the US, or you won't be selling them here.
Samuel Liu
shouldn't jewelry be made in USA, raw material from CHINA
That's what they said during the first round. I haven't noticed any price increase on products I buy.
the A-Pork-Alypse is hurting China!! half of their hogs have died. Largest animal disease ever.
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China's ambassador to Canada leaving Signet CEO Says Fourth Round 4 months ago   18:48

China's ambassador to Canada Lu Shaye, who has been a combative presence throughout a serious and ongoing dispute between the two countries, is expected to depart soon for a new posting.
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