Duck Dynasty: FULL EPISODE Fish or Divorce!?! Commander Life 3 months ago   21:31

Duck Dynasty on A&E
It's duck blind maintenance time again and the boys have discovered the waterline is low, in Season 1, Episode 7, "Leave it to Beavers."


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Hectiic Lynx
On this episode of Kitchen Nightmares
*Gordon Ramsay enters the chat*
Bob Bob
I own every season, but I'm watching it on youtube in hopes they bring it back.
Charles Allin
Ian K
Was uncle Si's unit burning villages in Vietnam? could of sworn he said: "burn their huts"
「Don't think. Feel and you'll be tanasinn」
They don't know anything about the wild apparently beavers do not live in holes in the ground
Howie Lane
Now You Tube and A&E done gone and made me "happy happy happy". Gotta have The Duck Dynasty!
Who was that at 19:38

SI:(problem) is just like woman-explains
bitchesain'tshit buthoesantricks
Cut off time? I could divorce you and you'd be nothing once again so shut the fuck up
bitchesain'tshit buthoesantricks
Jessica needs to go back to bein a two dollar ho instead of a gold digging suck up on a good show.
fine hoop
I went to raptor j and si ate there awhile back
William Currin
“Dem buck tooth rascals”😂😂😂
weirdlife_8 _
Si is by far my favorite
DJ Douglas
Every body down here has a Si. My family is full to the brim on both sides with em.
Brighton Allen
si had a legit idea
The Bro Show
Y’all need some agent orange
How many times is Phil going to compare women to something
Michael Lepore
Hey woke up and just started shooting lol
Michael Lepore
Politically correct America took over and gave these people a hard time these people are America take notes illegals and dummy’s
TreeSt GQ
a B.L.T .. Beaver Lettuce And Tomato lol
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Fish or Divorce!?! Commander Life Duck Dynasty: FULL EPISODE 3 months ago   21:00

The Fin Commander boys head to Arkansas to trout fish with their wives. But a normal fishing trip, quickly turns into a contest.

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