Apple is Being Sued for Billions 2 months ago   06:06

In this video we'll take a look at why Apple is being sued by customers for potentially billions.

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Apple, YouTube and Amazon are companies that are monopoly’s large companies like this should only be allowed to have one company for example amazon have Kindle, Hosting and fees they use the money they get from other companies to starve out competition as they can sell for dirt cheap because they don’t need to make profit Apple would have to choose either the App Store or ITunes to keep as their company
Dylan Power
So why r they being sued
Raise Machine
4:45 Apple doesn't have a monopoly on the app market because the app store is not the only app market. Google has the Play store.
In other words: Apple has a monopoly on the iOS app market and Google has a monopoly on the Android app market. There's legitimate competition between two companies, their products and associated software.
Raymx slapped y'all
They deserve nothing but the worst as they've created all probs they have themselves
Raymx slapped y'all
Good! So many of the practices Apple commit are so prick,and jobs was not an amazing person, he was and ignorant hate and spiteful smell shitbucket
Dennis Albert
if you cannot afford use what you can, don't force anything, there are people who can afford and use them, you dont need it all
Dennis Albert
The bigger the better, it's business, the bigger the lower the costs due to a wholesale price, whereby it is not expensive to make a lot of expensive transactions than it being expensive to make little expensive transactions. THERE IS A REASON WHY THE FIRST SHIPMENT OF PRODUCTS ARE EXPENSIVE BECAUSE IT IS EXPENSIVE TO MAKE| A LOT OF PAYCHECKS TO BE PAID OFF TO EMPLOYEES AND INVESTORS| IT IS A TRIAL AND TEST PERIOD RELEASE TO THE MARKET. Look out for licenses from the big business and grow your business. Stop being a coward and say your business is being run down, more partnerships less individuality. Most of these so called big enterprises are big partnerships. Solve and make solutions through integration and assimilation, don't be jealous and try to devalue what they have made thus what they have become. There is a reason they are who they are, as in "big", they assimilate with everyday life, it does not happen out of thin air, it works. BE SMART AND THINK PLEASE, IT IS BIGGER THAN THIS WORLD, BIG THINGS MEANS A UNIVERSAL VIEW, INVESTORS SEE HOW BIG THEY ARE AND THEY ARE WILLING TO PAY FOR EVEN BIGGER CRAZIER INVENTIONS, PLEASE JUST THINK FIRST.
Poison Ivy
Im SO glad!!! I hope they get CREAMED!!!! Horrible products that dont work. If you bot Ins, they replace a broken fone with a broken fone!!
Mor Rari
lol super funny
Kenneth M
It’s a tricky one. Apples closed house OS is propriety, it’s their “herbs and spices” it’s their product their difference their trade mark, it their philosophy. It’s how we escaped the proverbial hellish OS Microsoft that couldn’t be supported as it was essentially open source.
Even if the laws are changed, there is no way Apple can be forced into refunding App writers they willingly accepted Apples terms and apple offered them the platform to reach their customers. Apple are the rightful landlords of the platform.
The USG is too busy fighting TERR'ISTS and RACISTS to go after these giants seriously. I'm sure the Facebook dons laughed themselves silly over the $5B fine.
xingmen neigong
I hope you wake up Dagogo, your videos would get very interesting
Alejandro Ortiz
Make a video on Amazon they are super Dangerous
Don’t vote for a democrat smh
An Archy
Mono-poly; everyone wants to be an oxy-moron.🤠$ 🤡$$ 😜$$$ 😵.
Please keep us updated on this one CF.
*Apple's* *Operating* *Systems* *Are* *Malware:*
by the *Free* *Software* *Foundation*
Jason Witt
Every Computer seen in a movie has always been an Apple product. You will never see a PC... Monopoly for sure. I will always on a PC, never a Mac or Ipad.
Morrissey Kuc
Free market though stop buying apple lol
Meesta Monsieur
Google next
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Apple is Being Sued for Billions 2 months ago   01:36