CLICK PAINTBALL BATTLE ROYALE! Gifting GIRLFRIEND x18 Fortnite Skins! 3 months ago   15:16

Join Click as we go head to head in a paintball Battle Royale!
Who's going to win?

Shout out to FRESH for joining us:

Special thanks to Delta Force Paintball:

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Crayator |
BazzaGazza |
Marcus |
LazarBeam |

Production Team:
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Producer | Nicole Constantine
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Comments 4124 Comments

I swear muselk is that one kid that just complains.
Joaquin Ortiz
Lannon has sidemen sweats
Kaleb Parker
this Reminds me of mr east 100k airsoft battle Royale but with paintball
De drie JJ&E
Marcus’ sheated the 5meter rule
Abraham Cabrera
proud of cray not once did he use his asthma as a excuse lol
Braiden Fisher
Lannon has sideman clothing on
Kayden Power Yeet
Finally Lazarbeam has finally carried Fresh
they should've done duos cuz all of them ARE teaming lmao
Winter weaken
Omg fresh you should be sweating lol
JJ Chronic
12:24 lannan is wearing sidemen clothing
Henry Christensen
I agree
Twitter Defaultyboi
Why does cray look like he broke out of a Australian super max prison?
Deborah McDaniel
Στελιος Παπαχριστοδουλου
I just appreciate lannan's sidemen merch
Do dis more times
Terra Swiftkll
Why does lannan have sidemen fucking pantalones
Ligginsment Gold
Elliott got to big of an ego fresh can't shoot don't shoot then continues to shoot him bloody cheating scum
Chrystal Shepherd
Lannan definetly got stabbed in Boston in this vid
Maryam N
F#!% you cray you poped all of lazarbeam's last 2 balloons
Jonah Long
Why does Lannan have sidemen pants lol
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Gifting GIRLFRIEND x18 Fortnite Skins! CLICK PAINTBALL BATTLE ROYALE! 3 months ago   19:03

Fortnite Battle: Royale - Gifting girlfriend Fortnite skins
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