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Google Interns' First Week | Way Of A Warrant - At Up-Tube.com

Google interns' first week Way of a Warrant 6 months ago   05:51

Students who join Google in internships or in full-time roles work on interesting, meaningful projects and are expected to have an impact from the start. Meet five recent summer interns and hear their thoughts on what it means to work at Google.

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*staigiars*??? STAGIAIRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
levis mukuna
Tok tik
With the exception of the woman at 3:33, I didn't see one person that appeared to be over 40. So where's Google hiding them?
This video is six years old. If I was a 35 y.o. employee when this video was published I'd be afraid ... very afraid.
..and on the 8th, the sjw "life courses" begin to retrain employees to become offended from anything fun that normal ppl do and see raci*m in everything.
Doreen M
One light skinned black guy...gimme a break.
daniel stewart
Just heard on the radio that google and youtube have to pay $170,000,000 fine for collecting personal information of minors without parental consent.

That's what worries me about google being "everywhere". I don't want them tracking me, my family, or anyone else.

It's none of their business what my proclivities are.
None Ya Business
So all of those distractions is why after 2 years I can't get a picture taken down from google images??? PUT THE DAMN VOLLEYBALLS DOWN AND ERASE THAT PICTURE OF MINES. DAMN!!!
Truth Shark
Make the Google work place look very innocent and playful, that way you won't think it is a company that keeps all of your personal information for life and possibly sells it to the Government for more control over the people, it is a powerful intelligence company that will affect human life for the worst in the near future. It's technology is not for the benefit for humans, it will be used against them.

Google needs to be controlled and have extreme limits be placed on it for it's information keeping of people. It needs to be exposed for what it really is, rather than just a passive search engine.
Siny C
My dream job 🤓 google I’m a Jr. developer
vitalien musin
Hi guys,

Could someone tell me if those internships are being paid ? Like if I have to move in a different country as a student I'll have to pay for my flat/studio/room... whatever but i don't know if those jobs are paid by google ? It would be in the financial sector as i'm currently studying business engineering

Also, if you got any other informations about other firms that are promoting summer internships (wheter it's paid or not)

Kind regards,

shankari sendhil
All you are telling is fine.
But... But, will you reject an appointment letter from Google?
Juanitta Arias Suárez
This looks like a chapter of Mr. Robot.
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Way of a Warrant Google interns' first week 6 months ago   03:37

How Google responds to U.S. search warrants, while working hard to protect our users' privacy and security. Learn more about how we handle requests: http://google.com/transparencyreport/userdatarequests

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