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42 Silicon Valley
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Become a software engineer - for free. 42 Silicon Valley (https://www.42.us.org/) is a college level, non-profit, tuition-free, computer programing school with a peer-to-peer learning environment. We're disrupting engineering education, will you join us?

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Inez Neal
If I don't get there this year it'll be too late. Life is so time sensitive.
Gabriel Tomsic
I’m 35 years old and I do like to be enrolled at your school but I’m over age hope there are chance for us too.
Vino Tinto
This is what happens when the silicon valley is running short on fresh ideas. Stress a massive amount of young creative energy, and prepare for some juicy profit.
Vidit Khanna
Please create a branch of 42 in India here the universities charge more than an average income of a man
Cool but their curriculum is unfortunately archaic. Wish they modernize with focus on js and web frameworks
Ujjwal Karki
Hey guys, do you have any idea about visa part ? I am from India and I don't think I can apply for f-1 visa for 42 as 42 is kind of non-academic school but what about M-1 visa ? is it possible to go with M1 visa ?
DOTA2 Movies
это залупа для дурачков, которые кроме монитора и кода ни от чего не возбуждаются..
Lib Rom
I am going to leave MY opinion here. My 24 year old son was accepted to second batch of students in CALI right after college. He does enjoy it even with all the stress and sacrifices, bad or no food. When he started he used to sleep either in a tent outside or on a mattress on the floor until he finally found a room. They still have a shortage. Twenty four hours seven days a week revolves around learning and finishing each level. What do I see? He is now more self discipline, he has to be as he has to depend on himself to stay in the program. And yes people do get kick out if they cannot keep up. He is much more flexible in thoughts and actions. More self instrospective, analytical, and nowadays solves his own issues instead of what he used to do while in College. Call me for solutions. It's not an easy program and it's designed for certain personality. I cannot see any of my other kids thriving in this setting. Self motivation is a must. Also being able to have a vision. I understand they want more females as the ratio is still very low. So if you like computer stuff and can put up with little sleep, crummy living arrangements, being around geeks who speak computer talk and dress in uncoordinated fashion but still feel cool do Apply. Remember tuition and room are free but you still money for living expenses. I give a weekly amount to my son since he already carry students loans from college.
Why not in Baku, Azerbaijan? Discrimination!!!
Pravin Kerai
42 India?
Anton Dozor
Yesterday, the school opened in Kiev: https://www.facebook.com/anton.zolotar/videos/1016469311798385/
Michele De Domenico
To learn coding do the students use books or e-learning platforms ?
Abdoul Fatakhou Ba
I love this idea.It will help students to be more efficient.thank
So, what about people over 30? ... Good Luck!
Joshua Lorenzo Andre
What's the requirement?
Dario Santacruz Souza
Is that Snowden at 2:05 ?
Twitch.tv/ ghostof1822
I have my Meeting there Tomorrow at 11am. Yeeee!! Super Stoked.
Kyle Bamping
So proud to be a part of this! I am fortunate enough to be a part of the South African initiative known as WeThinkCode_ [www.borntocode.co.za], but it uses the 42 curriculum. Its basically 42, but in South Africa. #AMAZING!! #BornToCode #WeThinKCode_
Going to cry if I get accepted. I want it so bad.
sooo Ham
ok without teachers (good teachers) they will never learn Software architecture, i started learn progrraming 2 month ago in Microsoft Innovation Center and payed only 200$ for those 2 month and now i have a work as a junior .Net developer . after 5 year i'll be a solution architetc, and now i understand every hard book about progrraming , but it is only that i learned basics 2 month with my theacher who was solution architect . when you are teaching by yourself you will do the same in10 years believe me..
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A new learning path is out: Web developer! 42 Silicon Valley 4 months ago   02:51

Mathieu Nebra, co-founder of OpenClassrooms and Emily Reese, author and developer, present the new OpenClassroom's Web developer path, available on December 15, 2015!