Hearse burnout for Tyler (Flip) Abandoned luxury cars being 4 months ago   00:42

Burnouts following the funeral of a friend to all of us. R.I.P. Tyler "Flip" Priddy. You will be missed.

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Hey mate, is it OK to feature your clip in a my chanel for educational purposes (so-called temporary copyright.)? You can stop me from using your content at any time and it will be deleted immediately.
It will be credited in the description & comments section with your name. Thanks, MM
Amado Juarez
Se murio o lo armaron pars el programA
Hair Hats Are The Real Sell Outs
R.I.P. Brotha
This is just a perfect tribute to a fine street racer and lovely guy. I never get the chance to meet any of these guys but I grew up in a fast car and fast bike lifestyle, Flip will be missed, forever in our hearts and tyres, keep the rubber to the road, flip style. FLIP, the king of heaven street, just one above santa pod. Amazing burnout sendoff. keep the rubber side down.
Davey in Belfast
Kurt Tyson
So was he actually in the car when they done this?
Hector Astorga
Sorry for my ignorance... But... How did he die? Because some said that was a suicide and other said that he died because he smoked a lot... What really happened?
Chris Goffe
R.I.P Flip

the Elco was my favorite car on the show & still is!
...on behalf of New Zealand - take car buddy!
Oh my heart couldnt take watching this i cried so much wow to think it was due to a bullet hes gone 😭
Casper 24
I wish one day we can understand suicide,and help these people sooner than later.
Damon Colombo
RIP Flip
Superb Media Content Creator
That was kind of creepy...
Alex Bezzo
R.i.p flip Honor for 405
Rosé Sarda
EKC Kicks
I know flips two sons tovey priddy and Remy priddy they have a bunch if stuff from when he races
Dung Vu
Man,never knew a hearse could burn rubber like that.And being Flip was in that hearse,he went in peace with a final burn out
trans am
K Blake
I didn't know that a hearse could burn out but they made it work!! Very touching...
crazy Scher
That was beautiful. I wana go out like that rip flip
Outdoor person
but seriously rest in peace flip u will be missed
Outdoor person
lol back when Street out laws were fuking assholes but rip who ever the fuck died
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Abandoned luxury cars being Hearse burnout for Tyler (Flip) 4 months ago   04:02

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