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I Don't Feel Safe Here | In Love With Blue Lagoon - At Up-Tube.com

I don't feel safe here In love with Blue Lagoon 1 day ago   07:03

Backpacking Jamaica World Trip Vlog 441.
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There is no GoPro Hero 7 in Jamaica ... the person who will show me a shop that sells it in Kingston will get a 100 US$ cash from me.

And yes the title is there to generate views and obviously as you can see it works because you are watching right now =) !
I felt safe in Kingston during the day.. but walking downtown with a camera for 2.000 US$ did not feel safe at all. I am allowed to express my feelings like I want thats what they call "freedom of speech" u angry guys probably never heard of that before :D
If you still have a problem with that go and cry a lot maybe that will help you to feel better :D
Everybody that is Jamaican knows exactly that Kingston is not a safe place last year a friend of mine got robbed right in front of his hotel.

I am traveling around the world for more than 1500 days now and I know if a place feels safe or not. Don't judge because of one video watch some of my other stuff and you will notice that you are wrong.

I do love Jamaica a lot

big up and respect to your beautiful country
Maddison Reid
You’re lying through your teeth. Lol. Get out.
Who cares about a piece of Hitler Youth like you feeling safe anywhere in the world? 🤔
Dee J
I dont feel safe here in Amerikkka..mass shooting like every week
Fuck off and take 'Shai-t' the Israeli fascist with you
Seductress Spirituality TV
Thumbs down this video
Seductress Spirituality TV
White entitled privilege. Don't go back to Jamaica. I despise these fucking culture vultures. So disrespectful how you say you wish you stayed one day and name your video you don't feel safe but the video you are bipolar one minute complaining and the next happy. You try to make ppl think bad about jamaica.
OMG wie unangenehm...
Xavi Iniesta
Your video title is not helping Jamaica and its native people yute, you should change it or don't ever come back to Jamaica since your not so friendly and not sharing our jamaican positive vibes xeen. Bless
Iyabinghi Ashanti
Nuhbaddy nuh excited with yuh. Bout yuh nuh feel safe. Lef wi yaad!
Mam Jack
A hipster traveling across the planet to smoke out in a poor country . let's be honest here , you're soft target . Stick to the tourist spots with security .
Now I see in comments you admit it's clickbait title (even though you say it in video also) so which is it ,You lying to your subscribers for views or your a beta that got scared ?
Why is this guy even in jamiaca he doesnt deserve to be there
David Marg
fucking CLICK BATING piece of sh*t, sinking pretty low with your aproach, for wievs.
it should be the content, not the tittle thats generates views.. but what do i know, im just a angry person thats needs to go and cry somewhere, ha?
i hope you learn to respect some day
i know its prpably bad carma to say this, but i really hope you get yours ..
marino maali
Maybe cause your energy wack so you attract wack shit... stop messing up other people experience and let them see for themselves.. everybody not wack like u SIMON lol
Chad F
Pls stop trying to speak jamaican
Chad F
Stop lying
Roger Littreal
Wow...... bunch of haters. Looks like he's having a good time... thanks for the video.....
Greatest I Am
Great that you didn't feel safe but why? Nobody bothered you.
Asiyeprensesin Roblox XD
carlton "dapictureman" johnson
Dont exploit my area of birth for views on your wack ass channel. 🐱!
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In love with Blue Lagoon I don't feel safe here 1 day ago   16:23

The blue lagoon was something to behold, I really enjoyed Portland, what a beautiful parish full or good natured characters and natural sights.

Capt. Danny: (876) 467-4834
Rafting cost: $3500-$6000 JMD (Shop around)

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