I don't feel safe here Jamaican Patwa — Country Folk 1 day ago   07:03

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There is no GoPro Hero 7 in Jamaica ... the person who will show me a shop that sells it in Kingston will get a 100 US$ cash from me.

And yes the title is there to generate views and obviously as you can see it works because you are watching right now =) !
I felt safe in Kingston during the day.. but walking downtown with a camera for 2.000 US$ did not feel safe at all. I am allowed to express my feelings like I want thats what they call "freedom of speech" u angry guys probably never heard of that before :D
If you still have a problem with that go and cry a lot maybe that will help you to feel better :D
Everybody that is Jamaican knows exactly that Kingston is not a safe place last year a friend of mine got robbed right in front of his hotel.

I am traveling around the world for more than 1500 days now and I know if a place feels safe or not. Don't judge because of one video watch some of my other stuff and you will notice that you are wrong.

I do love Jamaica a lot

big up and respect to your beautiful country
Willia Holmes
If you don't feel safe there than leave easy,
Cee Jay
Unu fi geweh, dutty ppl fi leff yawd.
This guy is fucking retarded.
It's not Jamaica's fault you don't feel safe. Gtfo of my motherland, problem solved.
Fake Jamaican accent
Darryl Bass
Go back to your shit hole in the US
sophia knight
We've been through a lot
sophia knight
Stop Disrespecting jamaica
Furious Cyborg
Travis Hochsprung
You are an enormous asshole and should die
Gloria Lewis
Love Israel he is so cool.😍😍 you don't know music if you went to a Denise concert and you didn't enjoy it.
dave purkess
First of all for everybody crying that he said Kingston is dangerous " he is correct "
Jamaica is a dangerous place full of drugs and violence. Not only that Jamaican people are extremely rude .
joel gatuna
Simon sorry for de bad comments keep up the good work nuff respect from Africa One love Jamaica if he hated Jamaica he wouldn't be there so don't curse the breijin
joel gatuna
Surprised that one can't get electronics in Jamaica when in Africa you can get everything I believe Jamaica is abroad you can get everything Anyway One love to all from Kenya
solarr j
bc you’re white
Isaak Akosta
Smug white guy--ive seen so many of yout type abroad
Jack Morris
Watched the first 30 seconds and turned this shit off. You must be the biggest cunt i have seen on YouTube so far. How you gonna disrespect a beautiful, warm and hospitable country. Idiaat bwoi
I will beat this niggas ass I am the Prince of Kingston jamacia
Maurice Dominic
Dont come back
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Jamaican Patwa — Country Folk I don't feel safe here 1 day ago   03:53

Jamaica 101: In 2012 I visited the Island of Jamaica, where my parents come from for the first time. I took my camera and I attempted to film absolutely EVERYTHING. This clip, might seem to most people, quite mundane, but it features my mum, my sister, and family having a conversation in their beautiful Patwa and generally living the everyday country life... Enjoy